How many bones does a tiger has?

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How many bones does a tiger has?

For decades, scientists have worked to figure out how many bones tigers have, with widely differing results. Some claimed that tigers have just 300 bones, while others said that they have around 600! Well, the answer to this question depends on how you define bone and tiger.

If you count the hard hyoid bone at the root of the tongue as one bone, then there are more than 300 bones in the tiger skeleton; if you don’t, then there are fewer than 300 bones.


tigers bones

Anatomy of a Tiger

Skeleton very similar to lions

Tigers have a nearly straight lower jaw

Tigers have longer lower canine teeth than lions

Vertebrae, 7 necks, 13 thoracic, 7 lumbar, 3 sacral, 25-26 tail 

Teeth Felids  have 30 teeth

Fewer than in canid and ursid, short jaw and large canines

On each side: 

-Incisors - 3 upper, 3 lower

-Canines - 1 upper, 1 lower 

-Premolars - 3 upper, 2 lower

Molars - 1 upper, 1 lower Felid teeth are highly specialized for meat-eating

 As in most carnivores (meat-eating animals), felid molars show great specialization for cutting and shearing meat; small cusps (tooth projections) intermesh with one another and form sharp edges capable of cutting and crushing bone (Kitchener et al. 2010). Felids are capable of consuming a wide variety of food, including bone; they have been known to consume more than 50 species of vertebrates.

Tiger bone structure

According to Animal Diversity Web, adult tigers are larger than other big cats such as lions, leopards, and jaguars. Their bodies tend to be stocky and muscular with powerful legs that give them superior leaping abilities. Their tails are long with stripes that can be seen from quite far away.

Tigers are one of just three species in which both males and females have tawny fur with black stripes; tigers and snow leopards are also striped but with less-pronounced markings than lionesses. As impressive as their strength is their stamina, these great cats can run for several miles at speeds up to 45 mph.

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