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Tiger's eye, a stone appreciated in jewelry

Tiger's eye is a fine stone that belongs to the microcrystalline quartz family. It is recognized by its shimmering colors, most often golden. It presents waves of brown, yellow, golden, and black colors... Most often, it is cut in pearl.

Depending on the light that falls on it, it is adorned with iridescent reflections and a fine border appears, making the pearl look like the pupil of a feline, which is why it is called a tiger's eye.

Tiger's eye beads are then assembled into a necklace or bracelet. The stone can also be cut into different shapes, notably to create original pendants: pebble, cabochon, donut, point...

There are tiger's eye stones of different colors. If most often, the stone is dominated by brown, it can also be predominantly blue or red. It is then called hawk's eye or bull's eye.

The tiger eye pendant is more than a simple jewel. Worn at the end of a chain, it is indeed a real rampart to the negative waves and it brings assurance, and self-esteem, and will allow coming back to one's deep self with more serenity.

Which tiger eye pendant to choose?

The tiger eye stone exists in many ranges of jewelry, whether it is the tiger eye bracelet or the tiger eye ring, but also the tiger eye necklace and pendants.

If the tiger eye pendant is often worn by women, men are also entitled to their talisman to put around the neck. They come in all shapes and sizes, and even from all religions.

The semi-precious stone is indeed found in the form of Arabic symbols such as the hand of Fatma, the Star of David, or the Catholic cross. Other symbols that have nothing to do with beliefs allow for their part to assert a style and match it with his clothes.

This is the case of the astrological sign pendant for people who are sensitive to the meaning and language of the planets, or the wolf or heart pendant for lovers and sensitive people.

The skull and crossbones pendant or the Viking pendant has a more aggressive look and design in appearance, but the power of the tiger's eye remains the same. The Buddha pendant will be favored by fans of Asia and Hindu culture!

In addition to individual tastes, it is also the size of the neck that comes into play when buying a natural stone pendant, even a cheap one.

Choose a short pendant necklace for women or men if you are small and take a longer one with a big stone if you are big. You will also find pendants with the tree of life for the symbolism of the earth and roots.

A guarantee of stability!

Tiger eye pendant benefits

The stones of lithotherapy have a lot of properties and it is the case of the tiger eye and its variants (the eye of the hawk or the eye of the bull depending on the blue or red color of the crystal).

But one constant remains, the tiger eye is a stone of protection against the evil eye and against black magic. This tiger's eye jewel has a reputation as a shield since it will keep you away from negative people with bad intentions towards you.

Its action on the solar plexus is also a virtue that has been recognized for a very long time.

Finally, the natural stone can be very well matched with other minerals (labradorite, howlite, rose quartz, jasper...) to combine the benefits, just like precious metals. If you can afford it, offer yourself a gold or silver pendant and wear it every day to start again on the right foot in case of melancholy or depression.

Tiger eye pendant: meaning, properties

The tiger's eye stone takes its name from its resemblance to the eye of this ferocious animal. It was discovered in South Africa by the ancient civilizations which then devoted high importance to it because of its many benefits.

With its golden yellow color, this stone was quickly adopted as a raw material for the manufacture of jewelry of all kinds. Thus today we find earrings, rings, bracelets, and tiger eye pendants.

They serve as both fashion accessories and objects intended for protection. The tiger's eye has many virtues on the physical, spiritual and mental levels. If you would like to know more about this semi-precious stone, discover all the important information in this article.

In lithotherapy, the tiger's eye is one of the most used and accessible stones because its cost is not exorbitant. It has many beneficial actions for the body on several levels.

Its use relies mainly on the creation of closeness with the person who wishes to benefit from its effects. It is for this reason that it is used for the manufacture of personal objects such as tiger eye jewelry. It has virtues on several levels.

On the physical level

Wearing a bracelet or a pendant tiger eye would help you to relieve many pains. This stone is used in particular to relieve pain in the joints, legs, head, etc... Moreover, it would act strongly on diseases such as osteoarthritis, rheumatism, and other forms of pathology related to bones.

On the other hand, the tiger eye is used for the management of stress and anguish. In this case, it acts on the digestive and gastric functions which can know a disturbance because of a rise in stress.

This stone improves intestinal transit by eliminating tensions. It is also used to fight against fatigue and loss of motivation.

On the spiritual level

The followers of lithotherapy attach great importance to the use of this stone. And it acts as a good luck charm for many of them. The tiger's eye is indeed associated with the sun and for this reason, it represents a source of energy.

It corresponds to the solar plexus chakra which is responsible for the balance of certain organs, as well as emotions. This stone would then contribute to improving the nature of your thoughts through the removal of negative waves.

It is used by people of pessimistic nature to give them back confidence. A desire to believe in the future. The tiger eye acts thus on the decision making contributing to the blooming of the person who carries it.

Its action is once again linked to the digestive system which finds good health when the solar plexus chakra is opened. Many people give themselves a piece of tiger's eye jewelry in order to find this harmony and stability. The contact of the stone with the skin is the perfect way to benefit from its advantages.

On the mental level

Tiger's eye is an ally for people who wish to remain positive on a daily basis. Because it keeps negative thoughts away, this stone attracts positive vibes to you. It represents a source of positive energy which gives birth to determination in the one who protects it.

Generally, it gives strength and audacity to face its fears, goes forward, and realize its projects. This is why it is considered a good luck charm because it attracts the positive and promotes prosperity. In lithotherapy, it is used to treat people who are looking for good mental health.

Tiger Eye Pendant: History and legends

Tiger's eye was first discovered in South Africa in the 1800s. Very rare at the time, the stone was so valuable that it was very expensive.

Later, many deposits were discovered, lowering their price, but not their value. This stone is full of history and legends. In ancient civilizations, it was used by soldiers and Roman warriors to protect themselves during battles.

It was used as a talisman to obtain more strength and courage. Moreover, it had according to them the power to attenuate their wounds.

The legend also tells that in Mesopotamia, when it was known as the eye of Bellus (a god of Babylon) it was used for protection against misfortunes. When men traveled for long periods of time, they gave their wives a drink at the bottom of which was an amulet made from this stone.

The purpose was to prevent their wives from getting pregnant if they committed adultery in their absence.

Cleaning a tiger eye pendant

To recharge and clean your natural stone jewelry, do not use caustic or household products. It will be necessary for you to take precautions that we detail in our article blog in order to give again its brightness and especially to recharge the tiger eye.

Indeed, it is a necessary operation in order to preserve all the powers of the tiger eye and to empty it of all the negative energies accumulated when you will have had it around the neck pendant for several days.

The tiger eye is a stone with multiple virtues, very appreciated in lithotherapy. It is used in the manufacture of jewelry of various natures.

How to maintain your tiger eye pendant?

Whether you have a jewel or a geode, your stone must be well maintained to keep its properties. It is recommended to regularly purify and recharge your tiger eye.

Purification can be done by several methods and from different sources. Tiger eyes can be purified with water, clay, earth, salt, incense, etc.

To purify with water or clay mixed with water, place the stone in the liquid and wait hours before removing it. You can bury it in the ground for 24 hours, etc.

This purification aims at ridding it of the negative energies that it stores on a daily basis. The tiger's eye must also be recharged because as it acts, it is discharged.

For that, it will be necessary to place it near a mineral source or to expose it to the light of the sun or the moon.