How to Draw a Simple Tiger Head

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How to Draw a Simple Tiger Head

Tigers are massive jungle cats, weighing up to a little over 300kg. The Bengal and Siberian tigers (Panthera tigris) are well known and highly prized for their striped coats. But it is also, unfortunately, an endangered species. There are only a few thousand of these felines left in the world. Finally, we talk about them in our other blog articles, especially on our tiger guide.

tiger head drawing

The tiger's face is quite a bit represented in the art of many Asian countries as well, angry and roaring. There, the tiger was once present, especially in South Korea and China.

Want to learn how to make a perfect tiger drawing? Now you can make one that will be pretty realistic by following this simple step-by-step tiger drawing tutorial. By the end of this article, you will know how to draw a tiger-like image above simple shapes.

And don't worry, this tutorial is made for beginners as well as advanced.

All you need is a pencil or pen and a sheet of white or Canson paper. You can also prepare an eraser to correct your mistakes. It will also be helpful for one of the next steps. Also, make sure that your pens are erasable if you use them with an eraser, for example.


In each step of this simple and drawing guide, we offer ways to find your way. In each image, new lines added in that step are highlighted in gray, while lines from previous actions are shown in black.

Since you'll need to delete some of your first lines as you go, you may want to draw gently at first. Remember to keep the proportions even to make sure you get the drawing right. Don't hesitate to take your time.

You have the eye of the tiger, and it's time to draw one.

1) Structure of the Face

Step 1

Start by drawing a large circle. Precision is not necessarily necessary. But if you are rigorous, you can remove it with a compass.

Step 1 - tiger head drawing

Step 2

Draw a series of short curved lines to the left of the circle. Let the lines connect into jagged points, forming a furry ruff that covers the cheek.

Step 2 - tiger head drawing

Step 3

Draw a symmetrical mirror image on the opposite side of the fat cat. You can do this with tracing paper if you wish.

Step  3- tiger head drawing

Step 4

Erase the original circle in the background.

Step 4 - tiger head drawing

Step 5

Connect the tops of the lines with a series of curved lines. Each side will include a side "U" shaped line to form the ears of the fawn.

Step 5 - tiger head drawing

Step 6

Next, connect the bottom of the figure with a series of short curved lines. The lines should meet in jagged points. This will form the chin of the beast.

Step 6 - tiger head drawing

2) Face Features

Step 7

At the top of each ear, draw two curved lines that intersect at a point at each end. The curved form should be shaded. Draw some short curved lines below this curve to add detail to the ear. Draw several more curves on top of the head. Shade the curved shapes.

Step 7 - tiger head drawing

Step 8

Below the curved shapes, draw the eyes. Each eye will be two curved lines. Let the top line of each sight extend beyond the bottom line on both sides.

Step 8 - tiger head drawing

Step 9

From the corner of each eye, several curved lines extend to form the bridge of the nose. Draw a closed, curved "T" using several curved lines to create the brow stripes.

Step 9 - tiger head drawing

Step 10

Draw a curved line under the nose. Connect it to the nose with a short, straight line. Draw a second curved line under the first, enclosing an irregular shape.

Step 10 - tiger head drawing

Step 11

Draw many curved lines from the top of the mouth downward. To shape teeth, allow the lines to meet in sharp points. The far left and far correct teeth should be longer than the others. Be very careful when you start the first tooth of the fawn; it may bite you.

Step 11 - tiger head drawing

Step 12

Draw a series of curved lines ascending from the bottom of the mouth, meeting in sharp points.

Step 12 - tiger head drawing

Step 13

In the mouth, draw a series of curved lines that move behind the largest teeth. These lines will signal the opening of the throat and shape the tongue.

Step 13 - tiger head drawing

3) Stripes and Finishes

Step 14

Draw a series of closed shapes on the right side of the tiger's face (its cheeks) using curved lines. The forms should be narrow and end with a dot on each side. Draw a triangle extending under the eye. Shade the shapes.

Step 14 - tiger head drawing

Step 15

Repeat this drawing and shading process to produce a mirror image on the opposite side.

Step 15 - tiger head drawing

Step 16

To show that the face is wrinkling into a snarl, draw several thick, curved lines on either side of the nose. On the top of the head, draw two more stripes.

Step 16 - tiger head drawing

Step 17

Draw a thick zigzag stripe on each side of the mouth.

Step 17 - tiger head drawing

Step 18

Draw thick, curved lines extending upward from the sides of both eyes.

Step 18 - tiger head drawing

Step 19

Draw a circle inside each eye. Draw a small circle inside the first one and shade between the two processes. Shade the area between the mouth and the tongue.

Step 19 - tiger head drawing

Step 20 (Optional)

You can now color your tiger if you wish (not if you want a white tiger). Tigers are usually orange with black stripes (but I think you know that as well as we do). You can use colored pencils, markers, or pastel pencils. It's still up to you.

Step 20 - tiger head drawing

After this final step of coloring, the tiger is now finished! Congratulations and good job! Feel free to send us your tiger heads on social networks (with the #thetigerstore on Instagram, for example). We are eager to see them.

You can now take it to the next level by drawing a whole tiger. We'll explain everything in another article. You can also read our other blog posts, where you'll find more fun and entertaining tutorials.

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