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Jak'zin The Jedi Tiger

May 28, 2021 2 min read

Jak'zin The Jedi Tiger

Yes, there is a Jedi tiger in the Star Wars universe! Well, okay, it's not a tiger per se but a Togorian. In addition to the many species of tiger in the form of bestiary also present in the extended universe, it is evident that the tremendous striped beast inspired these Togorians. We explain everything about this Jedi and his race.

The Togorians

The Togorians were a unique species of large humanoid felines from the planet Longoria. Their bodies were covered in short fur that could be brown, white, or orange with black stripes. They could also have manes sometimes.


In addition to being able to stand, they could walk on their two legs just like humans. Among the known protagonists of this universe (especially from the comics) were H'sishi, the owner of the Yinchom Dojo, and Jak'zin, a Jedi knight.


Jak'Zin was a male Togorian Jedi Knight. During a mission on the planet, Sullust unexpectedly found one of his childhood idols, Count Dooku.

Jak'zin's childhood

Jak'zin story

First of all, let's go back to his past to set the context! Jak'zin joined the Jedi order at a very young age. He observed many training duels between the great master Yoda and the young Dooku, whom he watched with wonder.

He also met Qui-Gon Jin, Dooku's apprentice (who would later become Obi-Wan Kenobi's master) before Dooku was banished from the Jedi Order.

The Sullust Investigation

In the early years before the Clone Wars, Jak'zin was sent to Sullust to investigate the Kaldana Syndicate, a criminal group operating in the Corellia System, suspected of the attempted assassination of Senator Padmé Amidala.

The Kaldana Syndicate proved to be a significant enough threat to the Galactic Republic, leading the Jedi Order to send Jak'zin to Sullust.

fighting with sword

During his investigation, Jak'zin unexpectedly found Dooku, who was not known as a Sith. Jak'zin trusted him with the details of his mission. Dooku accompanied him to the famous Kaldana Syndicate hideout.

fighting with Jak'zin

As Jak'zin deflected blaster fire after cutting through the door with his lightsaber, he and Dooku entered the room and found themselves surrounded by syndicate gangsters. Dooku then revealed his red lightsaber and fought the gangsters with Jak'zin.

The red lightsaber made the Togo Jedi nervous and suspicious, leading Dooku to use the force to raise a blaster and shoot Jak'zin in the back, killing the Jedi.

enemy with Jak'zin

(Re) Discover the dark side of the force

Jak'zin first appeared in the canonical comic book "Star Wars Age of the Republic: Villains," released on February 13, 2019. This comic book was written by Jody Houser and illustrated by Luke Ross, develops in-depth the greatest villains during the republican galaxy as Count Dooku, from General Grievous, or even Darth Maul.

As for the Togorians in general, they can be found in the novels "Thrawn," "Thrawn 3," and "Dooku: Jedi Lost." All of these books beautifully capture the world of the Sith and the dark side and the legends that surround them.

Anyway, whether you are tempted by the dark or light side of the force, our partner Jedi-Shop presents you the best Star Wars products featuring the greatest characters of the Star Wars such as Darth Vader, Master Yoda, or even C3PO or R2D2.

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