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Top 10 Tiger Gift Ideas

May 28, 2021 6 min read

Top 10 Tiger Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a gift for your spouse, your brother, your friend, or a loved one? Soon his birthday or Christmas? Would you like to offer a unique gift for your child or your niece? They love tigers, and you would like to provide them with assistance on this theme? This is an excellent idea!

1st store specialized 100% on the big striped fawn; Tiger-Universe helps you find the perfect tiger gift through this complete and detailed guide.

This article will see the ten gifts most likely to please adults and the ten tiger gifts most likely to please children. We will also see which ones are most suitable for a birthday party.

Onward! 🎁

Gift Ideas with a Tiger

Today the tiger fascinates all over the world. Besides being beautiful, this feline is a great symbol of power, unpredictability, and justice. A strong figure that we all admire! It is not surprising that a large part of the population so admires him. There is little risk that a gift with the effigy of this animal displeases in this kind of case.🧧

Whether for Christmas, a birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or materialize your affection to any of your loved ones, it is a safe value.

The most popular tiger gifts are:

  • Clothing (t-shirts, hoodies, belts .).
  • Jewelry (rings, necklaces, bracelets .).
  • Decorative items (paintings, rugs, comforter covers .).

Some Tiger Gift Ideas for Adults

As far as tiger gifts for adults are concerned, there are all kinds! However, it is mainly the decorative objects which dominate the market. Indeed, the symbolic figure of the Feng-Shui among the four sacred animals for thousands of years is a somewhat reliable lucky charm.

The ready-to-wear and jewelry interest as much the adults who allow them to show their love for the tiger in a more or less subtle way. For example, tiger jewelry will enable you to wear the animal in a discreet and rather elegant way. 

Now here are ten tiger gift ideas for adults. 💎

1) Tiger T-Shirt

Tiger t-shirts are the most worn clothing by feline fanatics. Tiger head, Japanese tiger, tiger logo, or white tiger, everything goes. The T-shirt remains the most effective way to let people know what your favorite animal is daily.


2) Tiger paintings

A decorative element that cannot be ignored, the tiger board is ideal for observing the feline while sitting on the sofa, in bed or at the office. Timeless and indispensable, the tiger painting is an essential element that best embellishes a home.


3) Tiger rings

Small, discreet, and perfectly representative of the feline spirit, the tiger rings are very successful! Whether it is made of stainless steel, silver, or zinc alloy, it remains an essential element in a man's wardrobe or an elegant woman. It is the ideal gift for a biting look!


4) Tiger sweater

When it's cold, nothing beats a good sweatshirt with a tiger pattern. Hoodies are an excellent choice for both men and women. Their designs display a distinctive look that makes these clothes unforgettable and timeless.


5) Tiger Duvet Cover

With a comforter cover as bedding, the tiger will keep your loved one safe and warm all night long. Your friend can sleep soundly with the big cat by his side! Nothing beats a comforting animal presence for a restful and refreshing sleep! 🛏️


6) Tiger Statue

The tiger has always been a firm symbol in the art of Feng Shui! It is recommended to place a tiger statue on the right side inside the home or outside to ensure good harmony with the elements. Associated with the northeast cardinal point, the tiger can also be placed in this area to bring out its level of protection against adverse waves.


7) Tiger head mat

A tiger rug can be a little extra to liven up a house and keep your feet warm when getting out of bed or the sofa, for example.


8) Tiger cap

An ideal everyday object not only to protect yourself from the sun's aggressive rays, but the tiger cap also allows you to sport a unique and unparalleled look.


9) Adult Tiger Costume

This is an excellent gift to offer the opportunity to the person who will receive it, to embody a tiger at a party, or even why not in everyday life. Whether it's in the form of a pretty tigress or classic tiger pajamas, the beast's presence will be seen through the wild side of the wearer.

10) Tiger wall hanging

To decorate an apartment initially with a tiger, the wall hanging seems to be an obvious choice. Whether it is a realistic tiger, a Japanese tiger, or a tiger in the form of a drawing, everyone will find the tiger that corresponds to his taste. A tiger wall hanging is ideal for adding color and warming up a room.


Some ideas of Tiger Gifts for Children

Now it's time for our dear toddler to get the tiger's attention! No matter what the occasion, kids love gifts! But they love tiger gifts even more! Giving them a tiger toy is the best gift you could give them in this case. 🐯

That's why we also provide you with a bit of ranking to give you new gift ideas that will please your young prince (or princess) the most.

1) Tiger disguise

Yes, children love dressing up as much as adults! Many of them have always dreamed of playing the role of an animal such as a lion, a bear, or even a dinosaur—many dreams of playing the tiger just like the older ones. Give them a tiger costume and let them roar through the playground!

2) Action Figures

Kids love to collect and play with figurines for hours! With a tiger figurine, they can play the great predator devouring his prey, other animal figurines for days. Whether it's a PVC or natural resin figurine, tiger toys will help them learn about the jungle's wildlife.


3) Tiger plush

A must-have toy, whether it's a bear, a rabbit, or a cat, stuffed animals are essential to reassure children. The tiger plush is no exception to this rule. Soft, decorative, and attractive, your child will appreciate the reassuring presence of the tiger in all situations.


4) Tiger puppet

Take your niece through the beautiful world of tales and stories with tiger puppets. Worthy friends of Guignol, these magnificent creatures will move her and immerse her in thrilling adventures filled with fun and wonder. Let your child's imagination run wild or tell him lots of stories like the one from the Jungle Book!

5) Tiger mask

To complete the disguise, offer him a tiger mask! Children often need to change their appearance. Like the disguises, they can become tribal tigers or a were-tiger with sharp fangs ready to wreak havoc for Halloween. 🎭


6) Tiger Watch

Discover among the tiger pocket watches colorful and very easily readable models. Ideal for teaching children to tell time, the tiger watch will accompany them and express their personalities in everyday life.


7) Tiger head rug

A tiger rug can be a little extra to liven up a house and keep your feet warm when getting out of bed or the couch, for example.


8) Tiger wall stickers

Stickers are a great way to decorate a house according to your desires. They are also great for embellishing the walls of a child's room. Whether the tiger is alone or in the company of his friends from the savannah and the jungle, he will always have new companions to play with and to reassure him once the night comes.

9) Tiger Mussel

Well, this time, it is not a gift that you will offer directly, but more for yourself to prepare good cakes for your child's snack. Nothing will please him more than to taste a marbled cake in the shape of his favorite wild animal when he comes home from school.

10) Tiger patch

A patch can be an excellent way for your child to share with his classmates what his favorite animal is by placing it on one of his clothes. To place a tiger iron-on patch, nothing could be simpler; just iron it on. However, do not let him put the patch by himself; it could be dangerous and must be done by an adult!


The Perfect Tiger Gift for a Birthday

Apart from the end-of-year celebrations, only the birthdays are left to give gifts to all the people we care about.

We have shared the products that we think would be most suitable for children, teenagers, and (young) adults. Know, however, that any tiger object can just as well do the trick as long as the product remains pretty and practical. 🥳

However, remember that the gift itself is not the most important thing. The intention matters much more to the person receiving your gift than the present itself. The person in your heart will appreciate your gesture no matter what you give, with a tiger or not!

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