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What are the Similarities Between Tiger and Cat?

May 28, 2021 6 min read

What are the Similarities Between Tiger and Cat?

Today, we won't surprise anyone by saying that domestic cats have wholly invaded our daily life. These little balls of hair are everywhere, in the street, in the parks, and maybe even in your home!

If you are familiar with these little creatures, then it is very likely that you have already noticed a striking resemblance with another animal.

Indeed, the Cat is almost a miniature version of the biggest of the wild cats: the Tiger! As you may have guessed, they both belong to the vast family of felines. Among this grouping of species, we find animals such as the Lion, the Panther, or the Lynx, to name but a few.

However, although all these species have points in common, the way the Domestic Cat and the Tiger resemble each other is much more critical than with other animals. Besides this physical resemblance, are there other similarities between the two felines? If so, what are the differences that make it possible to identify them accurately?

It is on these interrogations that we will enlighten you thanks to our informed eye. Believe us, at the end of this article; you will no longer see your Cat in the same way!

The typical points between the Cat and the Tiger

1) The physical aspect

tiger and cat

 Let's start with the most striking thing at first sight; we're talking about the physical resemblance. Whether it is at the level of their body, the shape of their face, or even their coat, the similarities are highly present.

The Cat and the Tiger both have a striped coat allowing them to better camouflage themselves in their environment. In addition, they have pads on the underside of their paws to reduce the sound of footsteps when hunting. We also know that they each have five fingers on their front legs, while they have four on their back legs.

Therefore, we can see very well that the body of these two animals is, above all, made for hunting. On both sides, they are equipped with very efficient weapons for killing.

But you will see that it does not stop there!

2) Tiger and Cat rhythm of life

cat during full moon

 If you have a cat, you know that it spends most of its day sleeping. Well, it's precisely the same for the Tiger, who can sleep up to 18 hours a day with regular naps.

But it does not stop there because there is a period during which the two felines do not sleep, which is more commonly called the night!

Once the sun goes down, the Cat's predatory instinct and the Tiger start. They are formidable nocturnal hunters who take advantage of the darkness to surprise their prey. Thus, the two animals adopt the same lifestyle, punctuated by numerous naps and an intense activity at night.


3) Tiger and cat have a similar way of hunting

tiger and cat fighting

Even during the short period when they are fully awake, they continue to act in the same way, for their hunting methods are much the same!

Once they have spotted a prey, the Cat and the Tiger try to approach it as quietly as possible. As soon as they have arrived at a fair distance without being spotted, they wait patiently for the moment when the prey is the most vulnerable to jump on it.

The surprise attack takes place in a fraction of a second, and it doesn't take much longer for them to kill her. We can see that the Tiger and the Cat prefer discretion when hunting to compensate for their lack of endurance, for they cannot pursue their prey for several kilometers without totally exhausting themselves.

Science has also pronounced itself on the similarities between the two felines, and you will see that its opinion is quite clear!

4) Do Cats have Tiger DNA? An almost identical DNA


 It was already known for several decades that the Tiger and the Cat belong to the same family. However, what we learned a few years ago is simply incredible!

According to studies, it seems that the two felines share more than 95% of DNA in common. This discovery proves irrefutably the direct link that unites them. Thus, this same DNA is at the origin of all the similarities that we presented you previously. From the striped coat to hunting, through the rhythm of life, science finds an explanation for all this in their genes.

However, there is still a 5% difference in their genetic composition. Therefore, the two species have inevitably particularities that are their own and which allow to distinguish them.

It's time to see all this together!

The notable differences between the cats and tigers

1) A very different dangerousness

angry cat

 Let's start with the most striking difference: the danger.

Indeed, the Cat and the Tiger are the opposite of each other in terms of threat to humans. On the one hand, the most you can get is a simple scratch, while on the other hand, the Panthera Tigris (Tiger) can devour you alive.

The Tiger's canines, jaw, and retractable claws are much sharper and more potent than the domesticated Cat's modest weapons. To convince you of this, the Tiger kills nearly 200 people a year, while the domestic Cat has never directly killed anyone!

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2) The Tiger is not a pet

tied tiger

A recent fashion coming to us straight from the Middle East countries wants that wealthy family to have in their possession wild animals. These animals, such as the Tiger, live in direct contact with the family because they evolve within their house.

Contrary to the domestic cat, which has managed to adapt to man after thousands of years of domestication, the Tiger remains a wild animal. Therefore, it is much less docile than its cousin because it is impossible to educate it completely. It is a territorial animal that needs a lot of space to blossom fully. People who have such animals in their homes expose themselves to a tremendous risk!

The Tiger is not a pet that can be played with as if it were a domestic cat. It is not used to contact humans and has no desire to be. The videos that can be found on the net showing these beasts devouring people who have fallen in their enclosure prove this!

3) The Cat is a bad swimmer

swimming cat

The Tiger is particularly fond of water and is undoubtedly the best swimmer of all the feline family. But for the domestic Cats, it's the opposite!

Domestic cats hate water and will never go swimming of their own free will. If you've ever tried to get your Cat to take a shower, he or she will likely have struggled.

This fear of water is almost like a phobia for your Cat, perhaps because it doesn't know how to swim.

Well, the Cat can swim. This ability is instinctive in him, and even if he is not very comfortable, he can readily get out of it if you throw him in a pool, for example. (Don't do it!) So, while he can handle himself in the water, he is still much less talented than the Tiger when swimming.

This last point ends the list of notable differences between the two felines. Even if they have some differences, these cousins are still very similar. This might mean that they would get along very well if they met!

Would a cat and a tiger get along?

The two animals can become the best friends in the world.

As you can see in this video, the Cat and the Tiger recognize each other and show signs of affection. For example, they rub each other's heads through the glass that separates them. We don't feel any aggressiveness between the two cousins, so it seems that they could become excellent friends!

Nevertheless, the lack of knowledge about the Tiger's temperament forced the zoo's directors not to put them in the same enclosure because it could just turn out to be a ruse to attack the Kitten once it is at his mercy.

In any case, we refuse to believe it, and we are convinced that the two felines would be able to get along correctly. After all, the family is sacred!

In summary

tiger and black cat

There are unsuspected similarities between the Cat and the Big Cat, as you have seen. Whether physically, mentally, or even in DNA, it is surprising to see how close they are. For us, this is even more obvious in their way of hunting because the two animals practice this activity using the same method. We could summarize it in 2 words: discretion and speed!

Of course, there are some notable differences between the Cat and the Tiger, and it is not always the ones you think of right away.

First of all, the two felines do not have the same level of danger to humans. Even if the Cat can be violent, it will never match the Tiger's overpowering strength (and fortunately for us!). In addition, the big Cat is anything but friendly to humans. It is not tomorrow that you will see Tigers strutting in the streets as domestic cats do nowadays!


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