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What is a Tigress?

May 28, 2021 6 min read

What is a Tigress?

Whether in the collective imagination or the culture, the Tigress has always fascinated people. Its fascinating silhouette, as well as its wild behavior, have contributed enormously to its fame. So much so that today, the female tiger is almost more popular than the male among the population.

But how can we explain this phenomenon, and what are the consequences?

That's what we'll focus on in this article.

First, we will see why the Tigress is an animal in its own right. You will see that many preconceived ideas circulate about her and that these have contributed to her bad image at the beginning of the 20th century. Thus, we will restore the truth on this creature much more sensitive and attentive than we can imagine.

After that, we will talk about the latter's influence on our vocabulary. As you know, for some years now, the word "Tigress" has been used to describe a very particular style of a woman. And it's not necessarily the one we immediately think of!

So follow us, because after reading this article you will never see the Tigress the same way again!

The particularities of the female Tiger

1) An attentive mother with her cubs

mother and cubs in a forest

 First of all, you need to know that the Tigress is far from being a mother abandoning her cubs in the wild. The opposite is true, as she has a great affection for them. The female Tiger takes care of her cubs alone, without the help of the male or even a herd. A litter can be up to 5 babies, so it is easy to see how much work she will have to do to raise them withdignity.

The first days after the birth of the cubs, the Tigress spends most of her day nursing them. They are born blind and need a lot of help to feed themselves during the first month of their life.

So, as you may have guessed, the Tigress cubs are extremely fragile at birth. Their mother protects them with the greatest attention. We can observe this protective side through her habit of often changing her den to avoid potential predators.

Moreover, when the Tigress feels that the life of her cubs is threatened, she does not hesitate to attack. The numerous accidents during safaris in India are perfect examples. Some reckless tourists put their lives at risk when trying to get as close as possible to a tiger family.

Besides, a mother tiger is much more likely to attack a human to protect her offspring than a lone male. The Tigress, therefore, deserves special treatment if you don't want to end up in pieces!

However, the education of the cubs is not limited to that. As soon as they are old enough to hunt, the Tigress educates them to this wild pleasure!

2) Hunting as a priority

tiger in pack hunt

 If all Tigers are excellent hunters, it is mainly due to the teachings of their mother.

Once the nursing period is over, the Tigress goes out alone to hunt for prey to feed the whole troop. During this time, the cubs remain alone in their refuge and wait impatiently for their mother's return. The latter has to fend for herself because let's not forgotten that the TigerTiger leaves the female a week after having impregnated her. Despite this, she remains a great predator who will have no trouble bringing back food for her children if the prey is present.

This proves that she is a formidable hunter in the same way that the TigerTiger can be!

Once the prey is killed, the Tigress brings its carcass in front of her den and lets her children feed on it before they even touch it. She will only be satisfied with the leftovers once all the little Tigers are well satiated.

We can see that, contrary to popular belief, the Tigress has a true maternal instinct. This completely demystifies the image of the bloodthirsty TigerTiger who abandons his children, even if it is indeed true for the male!

To come back to hunting, once the cubs are old enough, they take part in tracking the game with their mother. This is when they will learn all the necessary skills to catch any prey. Stealth, explosiveness, and strength are qualities that they will start to develop from the age of one.

In addition to this, the Tigress often enjoys fighting with her cubs to train them to fight stronger animals. Without all this work, the TigerTiger would never have become the great predator we know today!

Make your decoration a place of peace and harmony with this painting of the Tigress accompanied by her cub!


3) A less lonely life than the Tiger

lonely tiger

 It is no secret that the Tiger is the very definition of a solitary animal. However, there are several significant differences between the lives of males and females.

Indeed, the Tigress will tend to keep a special attachment with her mother while the Tiger is wholly detached from her. When the female leaves her mother for a solitary life, she establishes her territory close to hers to contact her. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for the male to go several hundred kilometers away to start his new life.

In addition to that, the Tigress leaves the family home much later than the Tiger (about one year apart). Therefore, we can see in her a lesser desire for independence and solitude than in the male.

On the rare occasions when photographers have seen a mother and daughter meet, they describe that the two tigresses show mutual respect. While for the males, we see tensions and sometimes even attacks to control their own mother's territory.

The Tigress adopts a less lonely life with a weaker territorial feeling, but this does not take away her danger and savagery. We still find in her the maternal tenderness typical of every female living on our beautiful planet.

Moreover, with time, the word "Tigress" has managed to impose itself in our shared language. Although it has evolved, its meaning seeks to define a very particular type of Woman.

This is what we are going to see right now!

The Woman: a Tigress at heart

1) A character that can't be beaten

woman a tiger

 First of all, the origin of the word Tigress is anything but positive. It originally referred to a woman who was very jealous and highly possessive of her husband. The expression "to be caught in the clutches of the Tiger" takes on its complete meaning with a person of this kind. Women who were referred to as Tigresses were able to monitor their spouse's phone and spy on him and his associates.

These Tigresses can be very harmful to their boyfriends. In addition to the constant intrusion in the intimate life of men, if they find something compromising, they can be aggressive and even ruthless.

To understand where this pejorative meaning comes from, we must go back to the animal's image at the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, the Tigress was considered a ruthless beast capable of attacking anyone without any reason. But with the recent exposure of the female's true behavior, this definition can easily be regarded as outdated.

Many people are unaware of the negative meaning of the word "tiger." The current definition of this term is much more known, which is both positive and tendentious!

2) The liberated sexuality of Tigresses

woman surrounding with tigers

 In the 21st century, the definition of the word "Tigress" means a woman who is wild in bed and highly passionate about sex. However, beware of confusion; this does not mean that she is not faithful but rather expresses a greater than average sexual appetite. A woman of this style will ask a lot of her Man sexually, sometimes even going so far as to exhaust him to satisfy her needs.

Biting, clawing, and even choking are commonplace for these women during the act. Hence the name "Tigress" referring to the bestiality of the mating between the Tiger and his alter-ego.

During the mating of these animals, it is not uncommon for them to severely injure each other because of an uncontrolled paw strike. Fortunately for men, the female is not as dangerous in bed as the Tigress can be for the Tiger.

Nevertheless, the latter can leave some rather embarrassing marks on their partner's body. Flaws will be challenging to assume the next day at work without provoking some reactions!

But in the end, it is perhaps for this little bit of madness that men adore today's Tigresses so much!

To sum up

tiger with cub in his mouth

 As you have seen, the Tigress is far from the image of the female abandoning her children in the wild. She is very caring and will even sacrifice herself for the well-being of her cubs.

The Tigress is the opposite of the Lioness in many of her personality traits. The Tigress shows a particular attachment to her cubs, a feeling that does not exist in the female Lion. So we can see the presence of a real maternal instinct in the female Tiger, something that was ignored a few decades ago.

Now that you have become an expert on the Tigress, you can better understand the meaning of this word in our current language!

At the beginning of the 20th century, the harmful image of the animal gave it a pejorative meaning. A dangerous, possessive woman who could be extremely cruel was called a "tigress."

Nowadays, this word refers directly to sexuality by designating as "Tigress," a passionate woman about sex. Here, the savagery of the animal is seen as something positive and arouses the desire of men. However, be careful not to let yourself be dominated by these strong-willed ladies!

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