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Who Would Win Tiger or Bear?

May 28, 2021 7 min read

Who Would Win Tiger or Bear?

The Tiger is the Jungle King, a ruthless predator who is not afraid to take on much more giants than he is. On the other hand, the Bear is the Lord of the forest, an actual mass that crushes everything in its path. If we put these two creatures face-to-face, would one win? Tiger Universe has asked itself this question and will try to answer it while keeping total impartiality. (we promise you!)

Between the tiger and the bear the winner is the bear. 
The bear is superior to the tiger in strength and ferocity. In these areas the tiger is vulnerable. The tiger's tremendous vision, listening and agility 🐯 is not enough to overcome a bear 🐻.

But the Duel is close:

For this duel which promises to be epic, we have chosen to oppose the Bengal Tiger to the most American of bears: the Grizzly! These two animals have a relatively similar physique, which will allow us to have the most balanced fight possible for your greatest pleasure!

For nearly 300 years, this duel has fascinated as much as it has frightened the most curious. Indeed, to see 2 of the giant predators of the planet oppose each other in a bloody confrontation must be an extraordinary thing. However, nature decided otherwise by placing the Tiger and the Grizzly almost on opposite sides of the globe. And after reading this article, you may understand better why these two monsters shouldn't mix!

Ready to enter the arena?

TIGER VS BEAR: 2 Superpowered Beasts

fighting tiger and bear

1) Physical characteristics

The Bengal Tiger weighs an average of 220 kilos for 70% of muscles; in comparison, the Grizzly can reach 400 kilos but has a much less critical muscle mass. (about 45% of its weight) Therefore, this Bear is much more massive, but the Tiger is an actual ball of nerves cut for the fight.

The Bear is about 1m20 high on its four legs and 3 meters long in terms of size. Facing this titan, the Bengal Tiger is not to be outdone; with its 1m10 height and 2.90 meters length, it can mostly challenge him in this field. These two monsters can stand on their hind legs, even if the Bear is much more at ease than his opponent in this exercise.

The Tiger's claws are much more powerful and sharp than those of the Bear, and it has formidable canines that can measure up to 9cm. With such weapons, the King of the Jungle has no trouble piercing and tearing through the toughest of skins. The Bear has nothing to be ashamed of with its claws which, although not as sharp, are still very effective because of their length. The two beasts have a formidable crushing force; their jaws are 2 of the most powerful of the animal kingdom with 500kg/cm², that is to say, a jaw more effective than that of the Lion!

In such a fight, the striped coat that serves as camouflage for the Tiger will be of little use. Because the Bear has a feeble fundamental sight, it has a developed sense of smell that it will feel the Tiger coming before it can even start a surprise attack. We can see the dominance of the Tiger's arsenal, but the Bear compensates for its weaknesses with an ultra-thick layer of skin. This protection offers resistance to the most ferocious attacks; to triumph over the Bear, you will have to redouble your efforts!

2) Abilities

tiger in a pond

 In a fight to the death, the physical aspect is not everything; the abilities and the technique are just as crucial. Therefore, it is imperative to take into account the specialties of the two mammals. The Tiger is a formidable swimmer; it loves water and can initiate sea attacks. Moreover, it can climb trees, although it is not the best in this field.

The Bear is also an excellent swimmer, even if it cannot cross long distances. We know the ability of brown bears in trees. Grizzlies are no exception to the rule and are much better climbers than Tigers, even if their long claws slow them down.

On a purely athletic level, the Tiger easily surpasses the Bear, it is capable of jumping more than 4 meters high and 11 meters in length! Its overpowering back legs allow it to make real giant leaps. But the King of the jungle is exceeded in a particular domain: endurance! Indeed, despite its top speed of 50km/h against 65km/h for the Bear, the Tiger runs out of energy very quickly. It is cut out for lightning attacks and not for fights that drag on. The Bear has good endurance and runs out of breath much less rapidly than the big cat!

These two wild animals have very different abilities, almost the opposite, as shown by the difference in vivacity they show. As you know, felines are known for the formidable speed at which they strike. With almost surgical precision, the Tiger rarely misses its target and often hits its opponent's vital points. The Bear is much less precise and much more brutal. Its blows are somewhat random but much more devastating! This means that if the Bear manages to hit the Tiger with a well-placed blow, the Tiger has no chance.

Predator Instinct

tiger and bear finding food

1) The way of hunting

How could we separate these two predators without mentioning their hunting style?

The Tiger is a solitary hunter as well as the Grizzly. However, their hunting style and prey differ considerably. Tigers are known to kill game up to 5 times their weight, such as elephants and rhinos. These prey are much larger and more dangerous to attack than the Grizzly.

On the other hand, the American Bear is much more intelligent in its hunting style and is considered more of a scavenger than a true predator. Indeed, it prefers to retrieve the food hunted by smaller predators, such as wolves, for example, rather than chasing it himself. Its imposing physique and its power of intimidation are enough to scare away anyone in the vicinity. The two species being big carnivores.

We can see that the Tiger is far from being a coward and will not refuse the fight against the Bear because he is used to fighting bigger than him. It is not for nothing that in India, all the animals fear the Tiger, this one being able to break the skull of a crocodile with a single blow of its paw!

2) Behavior in combat

howling bear

 Enough about hunting; let's get to the heart of the matter: combat skills!

The lord of the forest and the king of the jungle do not fight in the same way. The Bear prefers to use powerful attacks that destroy everything in his path, while the big cat prefers to attack from behind to surprise his prey.

There is no doubt that the Tiger will strike first in such a fight. The Bear is less ferocious and much calmer than the Felid, who tends to attack readily. Therefore, the Grizzly will initially adopt a defensive posture, trying to repel the Feline's assaults as best he can.

In a duel, if the Tiger starts to fight, it is to kill! He never engages in deterrent attacks or to scare someone away. His opponent adopts the opposite behavior, preferring intimidation to concrete attack. It will always try to intimidate a rival predator as much as possible to impress it.

Will the Tiger let himself be impressed by the American colossus, or on the contrary, will he rather take the lead and pounce on him?

Note that the Bear and the Tiger can also be best friends!

tiger and bear unite

 SIMULATION: The Answer to this Bloody Fight

The fight will take place this way: The two beasts meet face to face, the Bear roars to avoid the battle. The Tiger doesn't hear it that way and wants to fight the Grizzly. He approaches and walks around him, waiting for an opening to pounce. The Bear understands that he will be forced to fight and prepares himself.

In a fraction of a second, the two stand up on their hind legs and start their duel. The faster Tiger gives sharp and precise blows to the face of the Bear. The King of the Jungle has well analyzed the Lord of the forests and logically attacks his weak point. But the Grizzly doesn't let it go and pushes back the Tiger's assault with a powerful claw blow, even making him lose his balance.

The Bear is about to crush the spine of the feline, who is now on his four legs. He starts his attack with his two massive legs; the Tiger would not resist such a power. Fortunately for the feline, his speed allows him to dodge this destructive blow miraculously. He takes advantage of the Bear's lowered guard to bite him violently in the throat. Once the Tiger manages to grab the Grizzly's throat, the fight is over for him. He bites him until he dies, his slow agony begins, and he gradually loses consciousness.

The American Bear succumbs to the strength of the Bengal Tiger!

The King of the Jungle's speed and training against beasts much more gigantic than him will take the Grizzly's life. Bengal Tigers are used to having a size handicap when they fight from a young age. The Bear underestimated the cunning of the latter and let himself be surprised. In captivity, the result would certainly not have been the same. In a zoo, the Tiger loses many of its hunting skills, making it a formidable predator.

In summary, we can say that the strength of the Grizzly hides a slowness and a lack of precision that make it very rarely succeed in putting a fatal blow to the Tiger. Moreover, even if he dominates the fight, the Tiger would have no trouble escaping the hostilities with all his agility and vivacity.

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