The tiger is an endangered animal species recognized for being an exceptional predator and the world's biggest cat, capable of weighing up to 300 kg. The tiger has been hunted for millennia in Asia, mostly in China and India, for the production of derivatives.

It is estimated that between 3000 and 4000 tigers exist in the wild. The major reasons of this scenario are poaching, habitat damage, and a paucity of prey. In the beginning of 2015, some good news arrived: the tiger was no longer threatened with extinction in India, thanks to a 60% rise in the number of felines since 2006.

tiger family

Help Tigers Right Now!

We have fantastic news, the tiger population is growing again, but we still have a long way to go in saving tigers.

Will you assist us in protecting tigers? Your contribution will:

• Safeguard tigers in crucial habitats in Nepal, Indonesia, and other priority areas.

• Assist rangers to increase enforcement to combat poaching in critical protected areas.

• Expand investigations into the lethal criminal trade that is driving tiger extinction.

Together, we can protect a natural landmark and safeguard wild tigers for future generations.