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Is a Liger a real Animal?

May 28, 2021 8 min read

Is a Liger a real Animal?

The Liger is a hybrid animal bred in a zoo; it results from the mating of a male lion and a female Tigress. It is the alter-ego of the Tigron, which results from the mating of a male Tiger with a female Lioness. The Liger and the Tigron have the characteristics of both parents, in varying proportions, although the Liger is very often more enormous than its "cousin."

The Tiger (Panthera Tigris) is a fearsome predator because of its stealth and power. On the other hand, the Lion (Panthera Leo) is the true King of the savannah. Therefore, the Tiger is the fusion of 2 of the greatest carnivores of the animal kingdom. One would expect the latter to be the King of the animals; unfortunately, nature is rarely lenient with hybridizations.

It has been proven that most, if not all, male Tigers and male Ligers are sterile. Females ligers, however, can occasionally produce young. The terms Liger and Tigron are mergers of the words Lion and Tiger. The gigantic beast that is the Liger continues to fascinate fans of big cats. That's why Tiger-Universe has decided to shed some light on this great predator, which also hides a huge heart.

How much does a full grown Liger weigh?

largest Liger

 The largest Ligers often reach a length of over 3.3 meters and can weigh over 400 kg. Some individuals are even reported to weigh around 550 kg in American zoos. On the other hand, they tend to be the same size or smaller than their parents. This big cat has sharp claws, although they are less effective for hunting than those of the Tiger.

How much does a Liger weigh in pounds?

A full Grown Liger can weigh over 900pounds!

Once an adult, the Tiger rarely weighs more than its father, although its weight is still impressive. With a weight of about 450 kg, it usually devours 23 kilograms of raw meat in one meal. This requires a considerable amount of maintenance work for the zoo to welcome a big cat like him. The Siberian Tiger is the giant wild cat known to date; it pales in comparison to the enormous size of the Liger, that's for sure!

How Tall is a liger?

Since it is a hybrid between two species, the liger's size can vary greatly. At the shoulder, a full grown liger is usually about 5,5 feet tall.

How tall is a liger Standing up?

A adult Liger from ground level to its ear is almost 7 feet in height easily when standing up!

These fawns with a lightly striped mane and a plain coat are the descendants of male Lions and female Tigers. This gives them the ability to roar like a Lion and be as discreet as a Tiger. Some vets even report that they emit a purr-like roar when they are happy.

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 Ligers are very affectionate and tender with the staff of the reserves, say many testimonies. This beast is like a big cat that loves to sleep and rarely gets violent; the Liger loves swimming and playing in the water. "Most of the time, they're relaxed," said Jason Hutcherson, vice president of Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, Ga. Many photos show the Tiger playing with a Bengal Tiger as two inseparable friends.

However, contrary to what one might expect, the Liger is an evil hunter. Its enormous weight makes it gets tired very quickly, so it can only run a distance of 40 to 50 meters. The staff of the animal park must constantly feed it because it can not hunt alone. We can see that hybridization between 2 species rarely creates super predators; the Liger is the perfect example.

2) Why is the Liger so big?


Lions tend to be larger and heavier than their relatives. Biologists suggest that Liger's enormous size results from the absence of specific growth-limiting genes. Lionesses mate with several male lions throughout their lives. Therefore, a male lion's genes are adapted to maximize the growth of his offspring since they may have to compete with other males from the same lioness.

However, the genes of female Lions are adapted to negate or mitigate the maximizing growth effects of male Lions. This keeps the Lions within a known size range, not growing exponentially. On the other hand, Tigresses do not have this competitive mating strategy. Many biologists argue that tigresses do not possess the growth-limiting genes of their lion counterparts.

Therefore, the influence of the maximizing genes provided by a male Lion is greater, which allows the Tigers to be so massive. On the other hand, for Tigers, the growth-limiting genes are found in male Tigers and female Lion. This is why their offspring have an abundance of these genes. It also explains why they are smaller than the Liger.

Where does the Liger come from?

1) The origin of the Liger

liger in a dark

Although Lions and Tigers can mate in the wild, they are separated by geography and behavior. In this way, all known Ligers come from either accidental mating or intentional breeding efforts in captivity. The first breeding of a Lion and Tigress in captivity likely occurred in the late 1700s. As of 2017, there were an estimated 100 Ligers in existence.

Many national governments and animal welfare organizations consider this practice of breeding Ligers and Tigers unethical. Ligers often acquire congenital deformities that lead to their death shortly after birth. In addition, they are prone to obesity and abnormal growth that causes deformities in their internal organs.

In addition, Ligers have problems interacting with members of both parental species. Their behavioral traits often manifest as a mixture of the habits of both species, rather than one or the other. Other opponents of breeding Ligers point out that they often occupy valuable space in zoos, which could be used as a habitat for endangered species.

2) Does Liger exist in the wild?

resting ligers

Long before fans heard about the Liger, there were already rumors about the existence of such a hybrid in the wild. As we told you earlier, the mating of the Lion and the Tigress takes place in captivity. However, it is rare to occur in the wild, probably for the same reasons that humans do not breed with gorillas or chimpanzees.

"Interbreeding between species does not usually happen in the wild, as it would result in a decrease in the strength of the offspring," said Ronald Tilson, director of conservation at the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley.

Geography is another barrier to natural lion-tiger mating. Wild Tigers live primarily in Asia, while Lion's current natural habitat is almost exclusively in Africa.

The Gir National Forest in India is the only place where the ranges of Bengal Tigers and Lions overlap. This fuels speculation that wild Tigers roamed the area hundreds of years ago. "That would be very unlikely because the Gir forest is arid and not an optimal habitat for Ligers," report scientists at Ranthambore Reserve in India.

The condition of the animal

1) The habitat of the animal

fetching new born liger

 He is half Lion, half Tiger, and now very famous thanks to an appearance in the 2004 cult movie "Napoleon Dynamite." After the movie's release, the Tiger leaped into the spotlight, prompting fans to ask, "Where does this big cat live?"

Drive-in Nature Park is said to have the largest concentration of Ligers in the U.S., housing 10 of these huge beasts. Since 1999, the park has bred its male Lion with its female Tiger several times, producing 24 Tiger cubs. However, not all of them were born healthy, quite the contrary.

More than 80% of the Ligers were affected by a disease or genetic problem. Only 3 of the 24 Ligers were typical, but it turned out that even these developed neurological disorders with age.

Autopsies did not reveal what caused the Ligers' repeated problems, so park staff attributed it to a genetic defect. Accredited zoos frown on the practice of mixing two different species and have never bred lines of Ligers, says the spokeswoman for the Maryland-based American Association of Zoos. "Keeping the two species separate has always been standard procedure," she adds.

2) The story of Patrick, the hybrid

Patrick the hybrid liger

 On the edge of the Mojave Desert near Los Angeles, alone Tiger named Patrick lives at Shambala Preserve. This zoo bills itself as a refuge for endangered exotic big cats. "What's interesting about these animals is that they have the best qualities of the tiger and the best of the lion," said film actress and conservationist Tippi Hedren, who has run Shambala since 1972. These qualities manifest themselves in the fact that they like to be in the water and are very social [a lion trait].

Most of the cats in this 32-hectare reserve are orphans or offspring of circuses, and some owners who can't take care for them put them there. At the help seven years ago, Patrick arrived at the federal authorities closed the zoo along the Illinois highway where he lived. The 360-pound liger was confined in a cage so small that the muscles in his back legs had begun to atrophy.

Patrick emerged from hell to land in a place much more suited to his size. The Tiger's compound at Shambala gives him plenty of room to exercise. A stream runs through its compound, so his Tiger half can play in the water and his Lion half can stay out, as he chooses.

The Ligers Reserve Controversy

liger and a man

 An actual ethical debate is taking place within the animal community. Indeed, some scientists regret that the Liger is seen as a fairground animal. This animal exists very unclear, but it seems that money is not unrelated. The desire to enter the Guinness Book of Records by creating the world's most enormous cat is also a possible reason for its existence.

The reserves are doing everything possible to bring a Liger into their enclosures. This beast arouses the public's curiosity, who come in numbers to see the animal with their own eyes. In this way, these evil reserves see their sales explode to the owners' delight. They justify the presence of the Liger to save this species from extinction.

The main problem lies in the fact that many Ligers live in conditions that are not adapted to their size. Patrick's life in his old zoo is a perfect example. Many of these places don't even bother to set up their facilities to accommodate the big cat.

In addition, the Liger has a very particular diet that proves to be very restrictive for the zoo authorities. It isn't easy because it only eats beef, elk, and deer. The zookeepers try to feed him with other prey, like chickens. But this one doesn't even touch it; he even leaves it to rot in the sun, that's to say!

To summarize

the liger

 The Ligers are supernatural felines that would not even exist without Man's presence. To see this monster in front of you must be an unforgettable experience. Its weight, as well as its gigantic size, make it a unique animal of its kind. Unfortunately, scientists are unanimous: the Liger is a human creation!

This poses a major ethical problem, as this animal is considered a freak show by zoos. The latter is sure to double the number of visits just by having the Liger. Many associations are fighting to stop this practice of hybridization between the Tiger and the Lion. Nature did not foresee the existence of this animal, which is why it is subject to so many pathologies.

Although the current situation is at a standstill, it is essential to raise awareness on this subject. Only in this way can we make progress. This is why our entire team is at your disposal to answer your questions. Do not hesitate to react in the comments!

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