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Proverbs and Quotes about the Tiger

May 28, 2021 3 min read

Proverbs and Quotes about the Tiger

The tiger has always been a great source of inspiration for writers, in Asia and in the West, for entrepreneurs or even various artists and politicians to enrich their speeches.

The tiger being our main favorite element, we have gathered for you the best quotes about it.

Victor Hugo, Bill Watterson, Georges Bataille, or even William Shakespeare, you will discover that many authors, celebrities, and influential people have added the feline to their ideals, pen, or ideas. 🖋️

Tiger Quotes and Proverbs

"How did The Tiger remain as fearful under the gaze of the Widow as a common tomcat before a janitor's broom?'' Pierre Copin

"The tiger counts on the forest, the forest counts on the tiger." Cambodian proverb

"You can take a tiger out of the jungle, but the jungle never leaves the tiger!" Bill Watterson

"The tiger also needs sleep." Chinese Proverb

''I decided to be a tiger, to fight tooth and nail all this injustice that surrounds me, to take sides with the victims and to shout the truth even if it disturbs.'' José Manuel Fajardo

When you ride a tiger, you can't put your foot down.'' David Weber

''All reactionaries are paper tigers.'' Mao Tse-tung

"''Beware of the tiger more than the lion and a wicked donkey more than the tiger.'' Arabian proverb

''The tigress who sees her litter taken away, Is less to be feared than an irritated woman.'' Thierry l'Hermite

"When a man wishes to kill a tiger, he calls it sport; when a tiger wishes to kill him, he calls it ferocity." George Bernard Shaw

''If the dragon goes into shallow waters, the crab laughs at him; if the tiger ventures into a plain, the dog laughs at him.'' Chinese proverb

"In ruthless cruelty, man yields to no tiger, to no hyena." Arthur Schopenhauer

"To serve a prince is like sleeping with a tiger." Chinese proverb

"Petting never turned a tiger into a kitten." Franklin Delano Roosevelt

"The tiger counts on the forest, the forest counts on the tiger." Chinese proverb

"There is courage and courage, the tiger's and the horse's." Ralph Waldo Emerson

"To harbor ambition in your heart is to carry a tiger in your arms." Chinese proverb

"The wise man does not pull the tiger's tail, even when it sleeps!" Charles Pasqua

''When you follow someone well, you learn to become good; when you follow a tiger, you learn to bite.'' Chinese proverb

''God invented the cat so that man would have a tiger to pet at home.'' Victor Hugo

"''While you chase a tiger through the front door, a wolf may enter through the back.'' Chinese proverb

"Loyalty is no more natural to man than a cage is to a tiger." George Bernard Shaw

''Don't blame God for creating the tiger, but thank him for not giving him wings.'' Indian proverb

''It is better to have lived twenty-five days as a tiger than a thousand years as a sheep.'' Tibetan proverb

When elephants charge, the mighty tiger runs away. Alain Leblay

''When facing a tiger, it is useless to reason too long; one must quickly choose between fighting and fleeing.'' Lao She

"The sexual act is in time what the tiger is in space." Georges Bataille

"If you go up on land, you meet the tiger; if you go down in a boat, you meet the crocodile." Thai proverb

''One could easily recognize this truth hardly glimpsed by the thinker, that, from the oyster to the eagle, from the pig to the tiger, all animals are in man and that each of them is in a man.'' Victor Hugo

"In a time of peace, nothing is more fitting than calmness, modesty, humility, but let war come, then take the example of the tiger." William Shakespeare

"Women love strength, but a strength that sometimes bows, and a tiger that sometimes devours and sometimes makes a descent into bed." Paul Valéry

''It is not the ape or the tiger that I fear in man, but the ass.'' William Temple

''Acts like a tiger and reacts like a lion.'' Damien Carion

''Better to live one year like a tiger than a hundred like a sheep.'' Madonna

"''Tigers are killed for their skins and murderers for their example.'' Victor Hugo

''The coward likes to hunt dead tigers.'' Chinese proverb

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There were some english dictions, but obviously, most of them come from Asia and especially from China, the land of origin of the big cat. Whether it is French or not, we have made sure to translate them perfectly and transmit them to you.

If you want more ''tigers'' in your research, don't hesitate to consult a ''dictionary of quotations'', including other sayings and quotations that we could have forgotten. See you soon on Tiger-Universe ! 🐯

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