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Where is the Largest Tiger Population in the World

May 28, 2021 4 min read

Where is the Largest Tiger Population in the World

The Tiger is critically endangered! I don't think I've taught you much by telling you this. You should ask yourself how many tigers are left in the world (well, in Asia and Siberia)? Knowing this, we can finally be aware of the progress that remains to be made to preserve this magnificent species.

Very concerned about the state of the Tiger, its fetish mascot, The Tiger Universe explains everything in great detail, whether it is the number of tigers left, what actions are in place to prevent the disappearance of the Tiger, or what you could do to contribute at your level. 🐯

The Tiger went from 100,000 individuals in 1900 to 3200 in 2010. This big loss led three subspecies of the Tiger to their loss; The Java tiger, the Bali tiger, and the Caspian tiger. Some associations have taken action, militate and try everything to increase the tiger population.

In this article, you will discover how many tigers there are left at the moment, the causes of this massive drop in population. Finally, actions were taken by several associations to try to increase the tiger population at all costs.

The Number of Tigers in Asia

According to the IUCN counts, the tiger population in Asia is estimated to be between 3100 and a little more than 5000 individuals in 2016, tremendous progress! The vast majority of these are Bengal tigers, primarily located in India.

walking tiger

It is estimated that massive hunting and deforestation have caused the tiger population in this area to drop considerably. This hunting was banned almost everywhere in Asia.

And this, since the 60s in some countries. It is the poaching that continued to do so much damage after that. This is estimated due to the high demand for the various body parts of the animal known for ''curative'' effects in traditional Chinese medicine. 💊

Finally, it is also believed that mass agriculture (obviously causing deforestation) and urbanization and the increase in pollution see even forest fires reduce the big cat's habitat and cause the massive disappearance of its prey. All these elements make the reproduction of these cats difficult because of their distance caused by all these threats.

That's why organizations such as Tiger-Universe, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Planet Tiger, Awely ''Tigers and Men'' and many others have been created to fight for the protection of the tiger, to fight against poaching, to ensure the excellent reproduction of the animal but also to prevent conflicts between locals and these big cats.


The Number of Tigers in Russia

According to IUCN statistics, between 18 and 22 Siberian tigers were left in China in 2010 and between 330 and 393 tigers in Russia. It is also very likely that there are also South Korea or even North Korea; nothing is less sure for the latter two. 🏔️

Managed personally by President Vladimir Putin, who has participated in many high-profile actions to protect the tiger, the tiger population in Siberia exceeded 560 individuals in 2015. The animal is, in a way, the symbol of environmental issues in Russia.

The Cause of the Disappearance of Tigers

More and more land is being converted to agricultural and development activities as human populations increase. As a result, the tiger's habitat has dramatically diminished and become much scarcer. To the point that human-tiger conflicts have greatly increased due to the contact between these two mammals becoming more and more frequent.

tiger in the sand

As long as there is population growth and urbanization, habitat loss, and degradation, man and animal relationships are not likely to improve anytime soon. India banned tiger hunting back in 1970, which greatly improved the condition of Bengal tigers. 🔫

As for China, it banned tiger hunting in the 1990s. However, despite all these advances, the tiger is still hunted today but illegally by poachers.

Another factor: Traditional Chinese medicine

The reason? In a good part of Asia and especially in China, the different parts of the tiger (its bones, eyes, penis, or teeth) are used as ingredients for various traditional remedies by the beliefs of local populations.⚗️

It is estimated that this is mostly the cause of tiger poaching with the trafficking of skins. This market would generate more than 3.5 million euros per year. According to National geographic, it is estimated that this trade is increasing by 11% every year, and this, although the effectiveness of all these remedies is not scientifically proven.

resting tiger

This is a significant problem that can only be solved by prevention. Unfortunately, it will not be that simple! Simply because the benefits of traditional medicine are constantly increasing for several years with the arrival of Xi Jinping to power in 2013, encouraging the practice more or less subtly.

How to Save the Tigers?

Throughout Asia and Russia, many measures are put in place to reduce conflicts between tigers and people living close to them (including farmers).

drinking tiger

They are usually compensated for any damage done by the animal. The tigers are most often implanted in natural parks and zoological approved to decrease the encounters with humans.

It is, therefore, necessary to improve the livelihoods of people living in the Asian rainforest, and measures must be put in place so that countries like China eliminate their demand for tigers. The number of rangers monitoring tiger areas should also be improved.🤔

Finally, various associations should be supported in their fight, including the WWF as part of its tiger protection plan, which aimed to increase its total population to over 7000 individuals by 2022. You can support them financially with a donation.

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