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What does a Tiger Tattoo mean?

May 28, 2021 7 min read

What does a Tiger Tattoo mean?

What does a Tiger Tattoo mean?

Getting a tiger tattoo is a symbolic act full of all kinds of meanings. The Tiger is an excellent figure in tattoos because it embodies the transition between the world of men and the animal kingdom. There is a tremendous similarity in the philosophy of life of people who wish to tattoo the representation of the big cat.

There are many different ideas associated with tiger tattoos. They can be symbolic of bravery and strength, or they can represent the power of the tiger’s prey. Some people choose to get a tiger tattoo as a way to commemorate a personal event, while others choose it as an expression of their independence and strength. The tiger tattoo meaning will vary depending on the person who gets it, but there are some general themes that tend to crop up.

With a tiger tattoo, you will want to honor its power, strength and perseverance of course, so that these qualities inspire you day after day, but also its beauty, also celebrated in Chinese astrology, where the tiger symbolizes seduction and an indomitable character.

Tiger tattoo designs are rich and varied as they depend on the cultures with which they are associated. Globally, the meaning that we attribute to our tiger tattoo remains very strong, no matter what its motive is. Whether it is temporary or memorable, it is above all a deep and personal will that explains the presence of a tattoo.

But by talking to many tattooed people, Tiger-Universe realized that many of them didn't know the real meaning of their tattoos. Therefore, it will explain and admire gorgeous tattoos that we write this article with the will. The Tiger is full of all kinds of mysteries, which we will try to explain to you. So follow us if you want to learn more about the wildest of animals!

What do japanese tiger tattoos mean?

japanese tiger tattoo

 We will not teach you anything by telling you that the Tiger is revered in Southeast Asia.The tiger has been a symbol of Japan for centuries. The first evidence of the tiger's use as a national emblem comes from the 8th century.

On the other hand, it is considered a real deity in Japanese culture. That's why many Japanese tattoos represent all their splendor in the form of vast, colorful patterns. It embodies the forces of courage and wisdom that monks and old sages possess.

But a Tiger tattoo can also hide a much darker side. Indeed, the Japanese mafia, known as "Yakuza," has appropriated the image of the striped beast. So much so that today, they are recognizable with their tiger tattoo or the Japanese Dragon tattoo. The Yakuza seem to have been seduced by the wild and bloodthirsty side of the big cat in which they are reflected.

Generally speaking, Japanese society is very reluctant to tattoo the skin. Because in Japan, tattoos are associated with crime and violence. While abroad, Tiger tattoo has a much more honorific image and meaning. So if you are a lover of the big cat, you can adopt this symbol of purity without the risk of being mistaken for a brigand!

What does a white tiger tattoo symbolize?

white tiger tattoo

 On the opposite side of the Japanese Tiger's fury, we find the White Tiger tattoo. A symbol of wisdom par excellence presents in many Asian myths. In Korea, for example, it is said that for a Tiger to become White, he must have lived more than 500 years. This style of tiger tattoo represents femininity in all its splendor. It is not for nothing that it is reserved for the most virtuous people of this world!

The White Tiger representations tend to be made for the female gender, although some men can adopt them. The thing that makes them almost exclusive to women is that these tattoos are a true emblem of fertility throughout South Asia. That's why they are located on "feminine" parts of the body, such as the neck, the wrist, or the ankle.

Tiger Claw Tattoo Meaning

Tiger Claw Tattoos

The Tiger's Claws reflects all the savagery and power of the animal world. It is therefore appropriate that such wild tattoos hide a strong determination. This type of tiger tattoo is loved by people who have lived through a traumatic ordeal. Because rather than collapsing on their fate, they decided to redouble their efforts. This tiger tattoo is proof that we have to make sacrifices to reach our goals in life!

This representation is a mark that testifies to a warrior's mind. Its origin is unclear, but it seems that this kind of tattoos is directly inspired by the wounds caused by a Tiger Attack. They embody all the bestiality that the Tiger is endowed with, which is why strong and virile men so adore them. However, some women with a Tigress mindset can wear it with style!

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What does a baby tiger tattoo symbolize?

Tiger Baby Tattoos

The perfection embodied by the Tiger cub allows tattoo artists to make unique creations. The most beautiful tattoos of the Tiger cub perfectly convey the cute and innocent aura of the young feline. With such a tattoo design, you might say that you are the opposite of the usual ferocity of Tigers. That's why many people love it when the fawn is accompanied by another cute animal, like a butterfly, for example.

In mythology, the Tiger cub is a 100% Yang animal, which means that it is a being of light that aspires to happiness. That's why it's widespread to see people asking for this little Asian animal for a first tattoo. Anyway, this style of tattoos is discrete and colorful!

The Realistic Tiger Tattoos

The Realistic Tiger Tattoos

 Nothing is more impressive than having a real Tiger on your skin! The desire to go back to nature has made many people want to try the realistic style. It's wearing the most beautiful thing nature offers to have a real tiger tattoo because the beauty of the big cat has never been more perfect than with authentic colors and design!

The symbolism behind a traditional tattoo like this is fascinating. As you may know, Tigers are very present in tattoo parlors. So much so that each tattoo artist offers his version of the symbolism behind a realistic tattoo. But if there is one thing everyone agrees on, it symbolizes predatory instinct par excellence. Such a tiger tattoo shows the resurrection of our primary instincts against a society that tends to make us forget them!

Vintage Tiger Tattoo

Old School Tiger Tattoos

 As we have already discussed, there is an actual desire to return to the roots in the world of tattooing. And it is in this kind of moment that we realize the immortality of our old patterns. Whether it is on the arm, the forearm, or even on the entire torso, an old-school tiger tattoo will always have its effect!

The tattoo art world describes these Tiger designs as timeless and timeless. They are exclusively in black and white and symbolize the largest felines' longevity. Because despite all the massacres and killings, the tiger has never lost its ferocious character that we know so well. Only the greatest warriors who are not afraid of tiny needles will opt for this tiger tattoo style!

Geometric Tiger Tattoos

Geometric Tiger Tattoos

 Even if the old representations of the Tiger are beautiful, some modern styles are very appreciable. This is the case of geometric tattoos, which have become so popular that you won't find a single tattoo parlor where they are absent. A woman tattooed with the creation of this style irrevocably reinforces her sexy and seductive side!

As far as the meaning is concerned, we are far from the deities and the traditional Japanese style. Here, the beauty of the motif interests people more than the symbolism. We could still grant these tattoos the will to promote an innovative and original style. Fortunately, some artists try to invent new representations for the Tiger. Because without them, we would start to get tired of our good old tattoos!

The Tribal Tiger Tattoos

The Tribal Tiger Tattoos

 The Tribal tiger tattoo is the classic by definition; we couldn't pass by without avoiding a riot from Tiger fans. It is often associated with the raw and ruthless force of the yin in the Maori culture. But that's not all, because this Man tattoo also symbolizes belonging to a powerful tribe: The Tiger Empire!

People who have had such a design tattooed will tell you that the spiritual force of the Tiger seems to accompany them in every action they undertake, like a real totem. Contrary to what you may hear among young people, tribal tattoos are far from being old-fashioned or outdated; believe us because it is the ultimate symbol of Maori royalty to wear a tribal Tiger tattoo, the great class!

To summarize

tiger tattoos

 The meaning of a tiger tattoo varies greatly depending on its style and the person who adopts it. For example, some people will reflect on the duality of a tiger and dragon tattoo, while others will prefer the sweetness of a cute tiny tattoo. Either way, images of big cats always give great results, like the Lion tattoos, for example!

Besides that, the Tiger remains a special animal thanks to its mysterious past maintained by the various Asian legends. This makes tiger tattoos unique because of the depth and history behind their designs. Even the most futuristic designs have managed to keep this natural touch inseparable from the big cat.

Finally, if you are a regular tattooist, you will have no trouble getting a new one. On the other hand, if you are not very comfortable with it, you might want to consider a temporary tiger tattoo before taking the plunge. These are very useful if you're going to see if you are compatible with the Big Tiger!

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