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Rocky Tiger Jacket Official Signed Bomber

🚚 Estimated delivery: 27 June - 1 July

Introducing the Rocky Tiger Jacket, a true masterpiece that combines style and comfort.

This jacket is not just any jacket; it is a replica of the one worn by Rocky Balboa in the movie Rocky Balboa 2.

Made with 100% polyester and a quilted lining, it is designed to provide ultimate comfort and warmth, without sacrificing style.

Featuring a classic zipper design, this jacket comes with two pouch pockets, which are perfect for storing your phone, wallet, and other essentials. The elastic sleeve cuff and hem are designed for maximum fit, ensuring that you stay snug and cozy even on the coldest days.

But what truly sets this jacket apart is the stunning tiger art in the back, set against a black background. It is an exact replica of the jacket that Sylvester Stallone wore in the movie. The official signature from Stallone himself is a testament to the authenticity and quality of this jacket.

rocky balboa 2, silverstone stalone wearing a black tiger jacket

The Rocky Tiger Jacket is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Whether you're a Rocky fan, a lover of classic movies, or simply looking for a stylish and comfortable jacket, this is the one for you. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of movie history and make a statement with your style.

rocky balboa 2, silverstone stalone wearing a bomber jacket with a tiger on the back

The jacket was a custom-made piece and has become an iconic part of the Rocky franchise.

The tiger jacket worn by Sylvester Stallone in Rocky Balboa 2 was designed by costume designer Sandy Berke Jordan and was made using fake fur. The jacket became highly popular after the release of the movie and has since been replicated by many fashion brands.

The tiger jacket was an important part of Rocky Balboa's character and symbolized his determination and strength. It has become a cultural icon and a highly sought-after fashion item, with many fans and collectors eager to own a replica of the jacket. Sylvester Stallone himself has also been known to wear the jacket in public appearances and events related to the Rocky franchise.

Order now and experience the comfort and style of the Rocky Tiger Jacket for yourself. You won't be disappointed!


✅ Features:

  • Made of 100% Polyester
  • 23 Oz. weight with quilted lining
  • Classic zipper jacket with two pouch pockets
  • Elastic sleeve cuff and hem designed for maximum fit
  • Available in XS to 5XL sizes

✅ Benefits:

  • Flawless graphic due to the fabric quality
  • Versatile for daily wear, leisure travel, and home wear
  • Suitable for all four seasons
  • Easy to clean with machine wash and ironing instructions provided


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tiger universe donation wwf banner

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Customer Reviews

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Alessio Grant

I absolutely love this jacket! The design is unique and the quality is amazing.

Chester Bradtke

The jacket is comfortable to wear and is a real showstopper. I have received so many compliments while wearing it. The attention to detail is impressive and the quality is amazing.

Ryan Murphy

It's my new favorite item in my wardrobe!

Percival Bailey

It's good a jacket

Lily Will

good good good