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The relaxing power of stones is no longer to be proven.

Accompanied by this bracelet, you will feel the strength to soothe your most vivid pains.

  • Materials: Tiger Eye
  • Pattern: Varnished stones
  • Comfortable: No form of discomfort on your skin
  • One size (adjustable)
  • 6 chakra beads sizes are available ( 4mm to 16mm)

Tiger's eye stone is characterized by its shimmering and changing colors. With its shades ranging from golden yellow to brown, through gold, it is a stone very popular in jewelry.

Our tiger eye bracelets are made in Vietnam from authentic stones, worked by a specialist in gemology.

The origins of the tiger's eye

The main deposits of the tiger's eye are in South Africa and Sri Lanka, but it is also found in Australia, Brazil, China, India, Burma, Namibia, and the United States.

It is in alkaline granites and their associated pegmatites that the tiger's eye is formed. The slow process of formation of this mineral is called pseudomorphosis: originally another mineral, crocidolite, a form of riebeckite arranged in fibers, gradually dissolves and is gradually replaced by quartz crystals that follow the original fibrous structure.

This is how the shimmering zones appear.
According to another theory, the original crocidolite would be altered by cracking and crazing.

tiger eye origin

A quality tiger's eye

Most of the time, the tiger's eye is cut in the form of a pearl or a polished and set cabochon. This mineral can also be cut as an egg, a small object, or faceted.

A good quality tiger's eye should not have any cracks. Its color and reflections should be enhanced by the way the stone is cut.

For optimal conservation, the tiger's eye should not be exposed to a strong heat source. Its color could then change and become a reddish-brown bull's eye.

high-quality tiger's eye stones

Traditions and beliefs

Despite the specific characteristics of the tiger's eye, little is known about the uses of this mineral throughout history.

In Mesopotamia, at the time of Nebuchadnezzar, the tiger's eye was called Bellus's eye, in reference to the god Bellus-Marduk, an important god in Babylon.
A Roman tradition reports that men going to war carried tiger's eye talismans to protect them.

According to a tradition whose origin is unknown, men in the past, when they had to go away on a long journey, gave their wives milk in which they had soaked a tiger's eye amulet. Drinking this milk was supposed to prevent pregnancy in case of adultery.

tiger's eye vertus

The benefits of tiger's eye

According to some Asian traditions, the tiger's eye is a balancing stone that allows harmony between the yin and the yang in each of us.

People who believe in the power of stones believe that the tiger's eye is a stone with protective properties. It would protect against the negative waves and the malevolence of others. This is why one can place it at the entrance of his house or wear it on oneself.

The tiger's eye is linked to the earth, it could relieve articular problems such as arthritis or rheumatism. It would also be good for the alignment of the spine and could help reduce bone fractures.

Finally, the tiger's eye would have a beneficial effect on stress by balancing nervous energy. In contact with it, one would be filled with positive energy, the digestive system would function better, and one would be better able to concentrate and act wisely.

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