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Tiger Animal Totem

May 28, 2021 6 min read

Tiger Animal Totem

An invisible and personal union links people worldwide with their totem animal. Everyone has one or more totems, and it is not uncommon for them to change during a person's life. Far from being a shamanic belief, this power of animals does exist. Each animal embodies a clan, a philosophy of thought, but above all, a way of life.

Today, too many people are unaware of their belonging to an actual spiritual pack.

It is essential to know that we do not choose our totem; it decides us! It forges our personality, our character, and our spirit. We can guess its presence thanks to the analysis of our behaviors and deep knowledge of the totemic animals. Through our qualities, habits, and defects, we can feel the presence of our animals.

Opening all your chakras is essential to know your spirit guide. The animal that lies dormant in us is a true friend of daily life, whose presence some people are unaware of.

Today and only for you, Tiger-Universe will describe and explain the meaning of the Tiger totem to know whether or not it remains in you.

The Tiger Symbol

tiger side view

 To begin with, the Tiger is a somewhat rare totem and very hard to detect in those who possess it. It manifests itself in raw emotions and a powerful belief in the power of primal instincts. Its meaning can vary greatly depending on the different Asian cultures.

This totem embodies a sacred spirit found only in the purest of bodies. In Asia, particularly in China, the Tiger is worshiped as a true god. We cannot look at the studies of the Amerindian shamans to understand this animal in depth. We will have to travel to the East to deepen our knowledge of this mysterious animal.

For the Shaolin monks, the totem animal of the Tiger is symbolized by three traits of character:

1) Unpredictability

The person related to this animal changes his mind readily and does not stick to one way of thinking. Just as felines adopt many different techniques to hunt their prey, the Tiger offers a range of decisions to adapt to all the vagaries of life.

2) Vitality

It characterizes the Tiger because it has a zest for life and good humor driven by a will of steel. The animal is obsessed with its survival and will not give up until it has given its all.

3) Self-confidence

This totem gives the holder courage to act quickly by following their intuitions. The look of others has very little importance with this animal.

Meaning of the Tiger: The Power

tiger look fierce

This character trait is much more striking than the last three mentioned above. This Totem animal offers a surprising strength and power of character. But this torrent of force is not without its wisdom. The power conferred by the Tiger is a pure energy, wise, free of bad intentions.

The feline never kills for free; he only kills to feed and survive. Its spirit is aware of the fragility of nature and respects the environment in which it evolves. That's why the Tiger totem gives a super-powerful strength, but it can only be used for good.

Its spirit can manifest itself following a traumatic event and following an encounter with a real Tiger! Many people testify that they have experienced a second wind following a meeting with this majestic feline. Therefore, your will to live can be revived by the Tiger so that you never give up on your projects again! Because if there is one thing this totem hates, it is abandonment!

The presence of the animal can also provoke unpleasant and even frightening sensations. If this happens to you, don't be afraid, but ask yourself the question: Am I worthy of my totem animal? Many people live with an uneasiness that pollutes their days. Take a good look at your emotional, sexual and professional life and make sure you know what you need.

This totem tends to create perpetual tension in people who are not living the life they deserve. A general introspection of your situation is necessary so that you can move forward more serenely.

Like Leo, the Tiger soul gives protagonists a strength that allows them to overcome their fears with more zeal. There is also better management of emotions and actual control of oneself. It is not uncommon to observe in these people a solitary character, which reflects a calm and peaceful conscience. It is not for nothing that this feline is the cornerstone of Buddhist culture. Like the Tiger who prepares his attack in the clear, this one offers you the serenity to be up to the challenge on the D-day.

A Benevolent Totem Animal

tiger eyes look

 The Tiger can embody your hidden side, the one you deny because you are afraid to assume it. But why wouldn't you want to take what you are whole? This totem is from the same family as the panther, which means sleeping deep inside you. So there is no shame in fully assuming it because it will be discreet. But above all, it will be able to show its benevolence on you and your entourage!

This point is too often neglected in this totem, but it is imperative to know the Tiger shows' virtue. Without you even realizing it, he acts on your person by protecting you from the dangers of life. Like a true protector, his mission is to ensure your well-being. But he only offers the full extent of his virtues to those who know how to pay him homage. Either by respecting its spiritual power or by representing its spirit through a talisman, for example.

But the mysteries of Chinese astrology contribute to the controversy around this totemic animal. For many experts, it also represents perfidy and deviousness. But it turns out that these studies have been falsified to depict the Tiger negatively. Today the Zodiac offers a more relevant animal vision by placing it as the master of justice.

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Contacting the Big Cat

sunlight in a forest

Communicating with your totem animal is not easy; you will need a lot of training, even more for the Tiger. You will need a lot of training, even more so for the Tiger, because he has the annoying tendency to hide deep in the soul.

You will have to enter a deep meditative state if you want to have the chance to see him. It is best to do this meditation at night, as this is when the Tiger's energy is most important.

  • Look for a comfortable, zen place where no one will disturb you.
  • Begin to close your eyes, focus on yourself and take deep breaths. Imagine yourself in the middle of the jungle, you are in the wilderness at the mercy of the Tiger, but you are not afraid. You have blind trust in him, and you start to see his tracks.
  • With a calm and serene gait, you start to follow the tracks left by the giant beast. You are now around a lake; you see a bright glow on the other side of the shore. This shape becomes more apparent as you look at it. It becomes clearer and more transparent until you can see its form entirely.
  • Your totemic animal is standing there, only about twenty meters away from you. A strange feeling comes over you as you feel like you know him. You don't know why, but it is very familiar to you as if it were your best friend standing right in front of you.
  • After a few minutes, he decides to disappear into the night, and you wake up calmly.

These meditations require you to enter a transcendental state so that you can have the chance to observe your Totemic Tiger. Moreover, if you cannot perceive it, it may mean that the Tiger is not your totem animal after all.

In summary

tiger under the sun

The Tiger is a rather complicated totem animal to detect because it can take many forms. But what is certain is that, contrary to ancient beliefs, it only exists in people with a particular taste for justice and working for the good.

Whether it embodies unpredictability for some, calm for others, or power, it exists only to raise your level of wisdom. Sometimes he can do violence to you and put you in great pain. If he adopts this behavior, it is only to make you aware of your real value. The Tiger is the most ambitious species in the animal world.

The Tiger senses the potential in every person it inhabits and will do everything it can to make your life live up to your abilities. Therefore, it is concluded that the giant cat totem is only found in people who are destined for a happy and benevolent life. Enjoy the present moment; your totem will return it to you wonderfully well!

"To harbor ambition in your heart is to carry a Tiger in your arms."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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