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The Metal Tiger in Chinese Zodiac

May 28, 2021 5 min read

The Metal Tiger in Chinese Zodiac

Among all the relics left to us by the Asian culture, Chinese astrology is perhaps the one that most influences our modern societies. This is the case of the Metal Tiger, which occupies a central place in this ancestral science.

The sacred symbolism of this beast remains an enigma for many people. Indeed, the old writings have left very few traces, and the only clues we have at our disposal are the arrangement of the stars, as well as the ancient statues. After numerous studies in this field, experts have finally managed to find the origin and meanings of the Metal Tiger.

As the last year of the Tiger was in 2010, and it was in honor of the Metal Tiger, then your child may be influenced by the spirit of the beast. Moreover, if you were born in 1950, you also belong to this very closed clan.

Whether you belong to this spiritual group or not, it is always interesting to study the ancient symbols. If only to better understand the history but also the behavior of people. The Metal Tiger is an inescapable figure who must be honored by knowledge.

So if you are thirsty to expand your culture and want to know your true personality better, this article is for you!

The origin of the Metal Tiger in Chinese astrology

tiger in a circle

 Among the various sacred animals existing in China, the big cat is considered a special creature. In the hearts of the people, it embodies the freedom and the savagery that the animal world can show.

But where does the Metal Tiger come from?

As briefly discussed in the introduction, the Metal Tiger has its origins in Chinese astrology. First of all, the giant beast is one of the 12 animals of the Chinese calendar, among which we find the dragon or the pig, to name but a few. Each animal belongs to a specific year, which means that the year of the Tiger is repeated every 12 years.

However, here we are not talking about the place of the Tiger as such, but rather that of the Metal Tiger. The latter was born following the theory of the five elements coming straight from China. In the ancient empire, the local populations thought that the world was divided into five primary materials and that this division of forces explained all natural phenomena.

statue of a tiger

 This explains why all Chinese animals are derived from each of the five elements (fire, metal, water, wood, and earth). This also explains that the year of the Metal Tiger, just like that of the other elemental animals, takes place only every 60 years. The last ones being 2010 and 1950, one realizes a little more the rarity of this symbol of the zodiac.

Although the history of the Metal Tiger is fascinating, what about its influence on people?

This is the question we will answer in this second part!

By the way, if you want to learn more about the place of the big beast in China, then we invite you to have a look at our article on the Chinese Tiger!

The influence and qualities of the animal

1) The character of the Metal Tigers

tigers head statue

 Metal Tigers have unfailing self-control, just as metal withstands the most violent blows without moving a muscle. These people are very good at keeping their cool because they strive for complete and unbreakable serenity. No matter what the situation, it isn't easy to destabilize them by making them lose control of their emotions.

Family is a central element of the life of Metal Tigers. Indeed, they will do everything possible to make their parents and children happy. Not to mention the elders, from whom they do not hesitate to seek advice in difficult times. They show a deep respect towards people who have experienced difficulties in life, such as war or great crises.

In addition to this character trait, the Metal Tiger is also a true entrepreneurial spirit. This is all the more obvious when you see the ambition he can show. However, this great ambition also hides a great caution, especially towards too good opportunities to be true.

Finally, people attached to this legendary animal understand the notion of investment very well. In this way, they are very good at the business even if it is not rare that they sometimes have eyes bigger than their stomach!


 2) The power of the big cat in women

tigers head tattoo

 The Metal Tiger does not influence all men in the same way. In women, this influence of the stars is characterized by great sociability and open-mindedness about the world. They are always very enthusiastic despite life trials because these women are endowed with a fighting character!

They know how to surround themselves with healthy people who will pull them up in their private life. These women don't have any prejudices concerning the opposite sex, so they have no trouble seducing men.

Despite this, they are very demanding girls in love. For these Metal Tigresses, the important thing is to find a boyfriend who will be able to live up to their demands. Moreover, the two lovebirds must have something in common if they want to commit to a long-term relationship.

In the end, these Tigresses are great people both for their character and their intelligence. We will see that this is not necessarily the case for all men!

3) The strength of the Metallic Fawn in men

tiger in a half metal

 The influence of the Metal Tiger on men is much more nuanced than on women. Indeed, the zodiac animal brings a good number of defects to the male gender. This translates into somewhat hesitant and timid behavior when taking necessary actions. On top of that, if they fail, they will make many excuses instead of accepting the failure and moving on.

Rest assured, these personality traits are not unique to all men. In addition, it's straightforward to change your mindset when you realize your weaknesses and strengths.

Speaking of strengths, they too have many qualities in their possession. In addition to the calm character of all Metal Tigers, regardless of gender, they are very caring with their partner. This translates into an almost permanent desire to please her by preparing gifts and surprises of all kinds.

For these sometimes too shy men, happiness is as much about success in love as it is about success at work!

To sum up

metal tiger

 In the end, the Metal Tiger embodies a strong symbolism in Chinese astrology. Its history, as well as the place it occupies in people's minds, has become increasingly popular over time. But unlike most people, you now know the origins of this ancient Chinese figure!

But that's not all, because, in addition to having expanded your culture, you now know the influence that sacred animals can have on people's daily lives. Because if you were born in 1950, you must have recognized yourself throughout this article. So, you are now aware that the great beast watches over you like a spiritual guide.

Maybe it's finally time to reward your efforts and knowledge with a Metal Tiger Statue. This original creation will immediately create a zen and relaxing atmosphere in your home!


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