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The Most Beautiful Tigers in the World

May 05, 2021 6 min read

The Most Beautiful Tigers in the World

 It is no longer a surprise to anyone; the Tiger is one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. But there are subspecies all more magnificent among the family of this feline than the others. Some have a glorious color, others a silky and glamorous coat, or a look to fall on the ground!

Mother Nature has spoiled the Tiger by giving him insane strength coupled with a physique with hypnotic stripes. The King of the Jungle has everything to please, but be careful not to fall under his spell. He remains a formidable predator despite his little angelic face!

Today, many of our readers are in a fierce battle to see which Tiger is nature's most beautiful creation. That's why Tiger-Universe decided to make a small top 5 of the most beautiful Tigers in the world. Most of the cats on this top are not specified because they exist thanks to a genetic anomaly. It is this genetic mutation that makes them so incredible creatures.

However, we prefer to warn you; there is a big chance that you will fall entirely in love with these beasts at the end of this article!

5) The White Tiger

white tiger

Also known as the Royal White Tiger, this famous furry animal has become a staple in zoos. With its azure blue eyes and its almost celestial walk, it is impossible not to fall under its charm.

The color so characteristic of the White Tiger comes from a genetic anomaly. But before living entirely in captivity, this species existed in the wild in its natural environment. This means that if you were walking around India in the 1850s, you might have been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this white emperor.

The White Tiger is also very impressive in its behavior; it is an amiable and emotional animal with unflappable calm. It is not uncommon to observe this beast celebrating its caretaker when he comes to visit him. It's simply magic to see true collaboration between the Man and the animal.

The Indians, having crossed the road of the White Tiger, could not believe their eyes, so much this feline incarnates the purity and the wisdom. At first, nobody wanted to accept them, but when the first specimens were photographed, there was no doubt about the existence of the Royal Tigers. However, its whiteness will have earned it many misadventures. Poachers attracted by the rare color of this fawn made the White Tiger an endangered species.

Many efforts have been made to keep it alive. Through hard work and the implementation of measures to protect it, this Royal Tiger survived the danger of extinction that hovered over it. As a result, today, the lineage is considered safe and sound. The latter will continue to offer us a beautiful example of what mother nature does best.

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4) The Tiger of Love

tiger of love

Better known as the Siberian Tiger, this feline with dense and voluminous fur is one of the wonders of this world. It is a true snow hunter that has managed to adapt perfectly to the Amur region, from which it takes its name. This habitat is a vast snowy tundra located in the northeast of Russia. Many people confuse it with the White Tiger thinking that the latter is a snow predator. The Siberian fawn is the largest Tiger species in the world; it can reach 350 kg!

Its striped coat, coupled with the tuft of hair it proudly wears around its neck, makes it the true King of the Snow. His stripes are pretty big and very long; that's how you can distinguish this species. Moreover, its characteristic orange color tends to whiten to better adapt to its environment. With a lookout for the slightest movement, this Amur Tiger is the perfect fusion between beauty and power.

Since there are very few of them left in the wild today, we didn't feel like going this fearsome beast out of our top. Because it is the only Tiger that manages to be so formidable in an environment so disabling for its orange coat, it is imperative to protect this subspecies from poaching; its. Its survival in a hostile environment is greatly threatened. Its fourth-place is therefore far from being undeserved, quite the contrary!

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3) The Golden Tiger

golden tiger

 We are sure that you are unaware of the existence of this Tiger. Yet, this natural jewel is well known to animal experts. With its cream-colored fur melting on the white of its belly, the Golden Tiger owes its hue to a genetic anomaly. Like its cousin, the White Tiger, the latter is not a species in its own right.

But that doesn't take away from the elegance and grace of the Golden Tiger. Golden Tigers are much more imposing than their traditionally coated brothers. But unlike their traditional brethren, Golden Tigers love to interact with the public. They are very friendly and get along very well with the White Tigers. These two wild animals are basically from the same species but were born with different skin colors.

The world is made up of amazing things that are uniquely beautiful. The Golden Tiger is one of them, which explains the third position it holds in our top.

2) The Black Tiger

black tiger

 In the second position, we find a somewhat atypical tiger. Indeed, the black tiger is easily recognizable thanks to its characteristic stripes. Contrary to what its name indicates, this one is not black. But its lines are so important that we took for a habit to call it Black Tiger. The black color of its stripes, melting on the rest of its coat, make this fawn a unique animal!

He owes the color of his coat to a genetic mutation of his melanoma. Like many natural wonders, it is thanks to a congenital malformation that we can observe this majestic feline. However, no black tiger has ever been kept.

Perhaps one of these splendors exists in the wild, but we have never had the opportunity to see it. It is for its special beauty and the hope that an utterly black tiger exists that we put it in the second place.

1) The Maltese Tiger

maltese tiger

Our number 1 is a Tiger entirely ignored by the general public. And for a good reason, we are not 100% sure of its existence, even if many elements point in that direction. Even more legendary than the White Tiger and much rarer than the Black Tiger, here is the Maltese Tiger!

The existence of this greyish-colored Tiger is still not scientifically established. But what is certain is that this feline is sumptuous. The representations of the Maltese Tiger give it a bluish coat with a white color covering its belly. Its stripes are darker than the blue covering its back, which provides a sublime contrast. This feline has dazzlingly beautiful amber eyes.

The testimonies relating to its presence in southern China all agree that Tiger is in high mountains. But we know that Tigers hate mountainous environments, which could explain the existence of a new species of tigers not yet discovered.

Due to the nature of its territory, scientific research is very complicated to set up. This lack of information about this species contributes to the mystery of the Maltese Tiger.

This legendary animal will continue to delight the local Chinese population. It is their interest to preserve this miracle of nature by offering it the peace it deserves!

To Summarize

tiger in a pack

All the Tigers are beautiful; this little top had only to express the opinion of all the team on this subject. The big cat spoils the Asian culture, and this one knows how to pay tribute to it. Some of these felines have such a rare coat that it is impossible not to consider them divine beauties.

But you know what? Beauty is subjective, and nobody has a monopoly on good taste, even less so when it comes to nature.

So feel free to make your own top 5 in the comments. We'll take particular pleasure in responding to each of your opinions.

"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. "

Oscar Wilde

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