Top 10 Tiger Paintings

May 28, 2021 6 min read

Top 10 Tiger Paintings

Today, it is becoming more and more essential to surround yourself with a healthy and soothing decoration. Paintings showing the most beautiful wonders of nature are an excellent choice to create a Zen aura at home. Over the years, the Tiger has become a favorite in the art world, so much so that countless homes are entirely in love with the big cat.

Tiger paintings are decorations rich in meaning and symbols. Whether they are made of printed canvas or cotton canvas, they say much more about your personality than you think. Having a Tiger painting shows the courage and serenity you offer in your daily life. It also shows the respect you have for natural forces.

Your wall decoration deserves the best design paintings; that's why Tiger-Universe has decided to make you it's top 10 most beautiful Tiger paintings. Believe us, having a good atmosphere in your home is essential to achieving ultimate happiness.



The rainforests are full of all kinds of animals, but not all of them want what you want. It seems that the Tiger is your only ally in this jungle where any beast can be deadly. He will never refuse to help a worthy person in need. So trust him fully and prove your determination with this decorative painting.

The beautiful image of this Tiger, as well as the high definition print of the canvas, will look great in your decor. Security guarantees to have a tiger watching over your home while you are away. Because the big cat knows how to be ruthless towards intruders, the five pieces of this painting are a significant asset because you can arrange your environment to obtain an exceptional result.



Many festivals are organized to pay tribute to the great tiger. On the other hand, representations of the fawn faithful to local traditions are rarer. This deco canvas cut into five distinct pieces is the perfect answer to this problem. With its explosive colors, the print of this painting perfectly conveys all the emotion of the greatest Indian festivals.

It ensures a joyful and festive atmosphere that fully adopts this Multicolored Tiger Board. Contrary to popular belief, the feline does not leave behind blood and misfortune but rather joy and happiness. With this large size picture, be sure that the whole of India will shine in your living room or your room, as you wish.



This modern painting will dazzle both young and old. The White Tiger is known to have a beautiful azure gaze. The Canvas print of this decorative canvas offers us a striking contrast of colors. With a black and white pattern all around representing the Tiger's body, and in the center the mesmerizing blue eyes of the big cat.

This play of colors is reminiscent of the sober and pure design of Feng Shui. This reproduction on canvas will perfectly suit a heavy but effective decoration, as much in style as in substance. Because the White Tiger is a symbol of wisdom of soul and spirit. Therefore, this painting, White Tiger with Blue Eyes, is reserved for sobriety and the deepest respect.



Centuries ago, hunting tigers was a dangerous activity for the villagers. The big cat has no mercy for people who wish him dead; that's why many of them were devoured. Much more impressive than a simple sticker, this printed canvas shows us barbarism at its wildest.

One does not hunt the Tiger from its territory without being safe from reprisals. Let's not forget that the Jungle King is tenacious and will defend his property at the risk of his life if necessary. Become as vicious as the Big Tiger with this hunting chart. Every time you walk by, you'll be reminded of how proud you are of your land.



Like in the movie, the two Tiger brothers represented here through this canvas print are inseparable. The cohesion between members of the identical sibling is essential to survive. Without it, the young Tigers don't have the hunting strength they are known for. Hanging this 5-piece picture on your wall is an excellent way never to forget these traditional values.

Seeing the love that emanates from this painting every time you look at it is a significant element in creating a healthy atmosphere. Opt for a framed canvas to have a solid frame that will support this Tiger painting. No detail should be overlooked in your living environment; it is only in this way that you will be able to rise to the next level!



The most breathtaking landscapes also make the most beautiful paintings. At the top of his hill, the Tiger is valiantly observing his Empire. The pink sky overhangs him, reinforcing his majestic stature even more. This Tiger painting is ideal for decorating an interior in the most classy way with its three different sizes.

This decorative element will make a perfect wall hanging, offering a vision of the best that nature has to give us. Don't disappoint the aspects that have lined up to provide you with this beautiful rendering, and immediately enjoy the chance you have!



In addition to being formidable all-around predators, Tigers are also very affectionate with each other. Even in the most challenging conditions, such as snowstorms, the Tigress will always be there for her cubs. This painting offers us a new vision of life by inviting us to refocus on our own family.

This painting is a great gift idea to give to your child, for example. By hanging it on the wall of his room, you will show him how much he means to you. This painting of the Tigers can also be placed in the living room, the hallway, or other places where people pass through. Thanks to this, you will unconsciously integrate these family virtues into the deepest part of your being. The big cat can awaken senses in you that you didn't even know existed.



On the third step of the podium, we find a great classic: CAT & TIGER REFLECTION PAINTING! This painting is entirely painted from a real model, which gives it this authentic side. This 5-piece painting is extremely popular with our readers because it embodies the quiet strength of the White Tiger. The positive energy of Yin overflows from this beautiful representation to accommodate your home.

We are far from an abstract canvas with this decorative painting of extraordinary quality. Contemporary art puts itself at the service of The Tiger-Universe to offer you a fantastic result. For all these reasons, we have placed this White Tiger painting in number 3!



If there is one country where the Tiger is revered as a true deity, it is Japan. Traditional representations of the Tiger are common there and testify to the love the Japanese have for the striped feline. This artist's canvas is one of the most beautiful drawings of the Japanese Tiger.

This painting overflows with softness and purity thanks to this millimeter canvas. Make like the great beast and come to drink in the river of knowledge in harmony. It is the spirituality and the inner peace transmitted by this painting that pushed us to the second place.

As you can see, we offer you a wide choice of reproductions of paintings on canvas and posters. But you haven't seen everything yet.



We end this top with a true masterpiece of interior design, an essential for all Tiger lovers. This painting shows us the extent of the power of the King of the Jungle, who observes his territory as far as the eye can see. The Tiger scans serenely that no one comes to disturb this magical environment.

To paint such a canvas requires a great deal of skill and talent. The vivid colors, as well as the careful details, accentuate the immensity of this landscape. Beautiful trees and gigantic waterfalls border the mountain of the great Emperor. The Tiger seems to be at one with his environment and the elements surrounding him.

This stretched canvas can also be offered as an original gift to his loved ones for cheap. The visuals of this large painting are made from digital print, which makes it possible to obtain a beautiful result at an affordable price. You can also opt for a wooden frame surrounding the different paintings to get an even more aesthetic result.

The mesmerizing beauty of this painting alone is enough to place it in the first place. But in addition to that, it gives off a real meditative flow that pushes to spirituality. To decorate one's home with this painting is, above all, to prioritize helpful reflection rather than futile action. The happiness of a Man passes above all by installing a healthy residence, in which he can collect himself.

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