Top 10 Tiger Statues

May 28, 2021 7 min read

Top 10 Tiger Statues

Since antiquity, man has dreamed of leaving an indelible trace of his time. Thus, following numerous archaeological excavations, we have found and restored the remains of a past time. Among these ancient statues, ranging from the ancient Roman Empire to the treasures of the Orient, were the best representations of the enormous felines: the Tiger!

Many Chinese sculptures were made to honor the striped fawn. The statues of the Tiger are true cultural treasures, which testify to the royal power with which the animal is endowed. It is primarily thanks to these bronze statues that the image of the Tiger has remained so powerful over time. They were and continue to be used as decorative objects in palaces and temples, but not only.

If the Chinese and Japanese Emperors loved to decorate their houses with Tiger figurines and statuettes, it is not only for the physical aspect of the feline. Indeed, it seems that the Tiger is a direct intermediary between the mortal world and the deities of the heavens. In this way, having a tiger statue shows a real desire to approach excellence by rubbing shoulders with the gods. Although it is a belief, it is undeniable that the big cat has a unique power that the great people of this world try to appropriate.

Therefore, we can see that statues and sculptures of the Tiger are very useful to create a Zen and relaxing atmosphere in one's home. Whether they are made of bronze, granite, terracotta, or even clay, they are decorative objects of a beauty that is hard to match. For all the reasons previously stated, we have concocted a top 10 list of tiger statues. After this article, art and especially sculpture will have no more secrets for you!



The Tiger occupies a central place in Chinese mythology. The great sages all recommend owning a figurine of the Tiger to ensure unfailing courage. "A house decorated with a gilded bronze sculpture can make you the greatest foot soldier," they said. The big cat will offer you all its strength to rise to the top of the Empire!

This statue with an antique design will perfectly fit your interior decoration made of authentic copper. Moreover, the polished metal and the golden brass plating give it a very nice shiny effect. In short, this piece is an excellent choice if you want to sublimate your interior and give it an original style. With this mythological statue, it is the wealth of the greatest Chinese fortunes that will be invited to your table!



 This statue shows us how vital the feminine touch is in our societies. Because nowadays, the woman occupies a central place in the various representations of contemporary art. So show your love for femininity and honor it with this statue of the Tigress and her cub.

To inherit the positive aura of the Tiger cub's mother, you will need to place this resin statue in a large space because this little family will need a lot of room to feel comfortable. So if you have the material, this statue will give an elegant style to your interior and enter communion with the traditional values of nature.



Of all the horrors on earth, this ancient statue is perhaps the most impressive. The old masters loved to sculpt the Tiger, giving it a ferocious, almost evil look. Today, these representations are scarce because the Tiger has managed to acquire over the years the image of a brave and determined animal.

This bronze statue is sculpted to offer you a vastness of realistic details to contemplate. The world remains in balance thanks to the opposition of Yin and Yang. Observe the struggle between the purity of the Lotus and the savagery of the Tiger with this monstrous statue. The oldest Japanese paintings also depict this perpetual confrontation between good and evil.



The Golden Tiger is the most symbolic animal of the ancient Chinese Empire. This resin statue is covered with a golden brass plating, which gives it such an exquisite and precious appearance. Everywhere in Asia, the greatest fortunes snatch up the sculptures of this striped fawn at a high price. Are owning one means a lot to these families, as the Tiger would guarantee them happiness and serenity.

This statue representing the golden Tiger has everything to please, thanks to its sparkling aspect. It will fit perfectly in a modern and elegant decoration. But be careful, to get all the benefits of it it is essential to surround it with homogeneous decorative elements. Forget the colorful paintings and stay in the sobriety because the Tigerr is, above all, a great lover of natural and straightforward things.



To create a healthy and relaxing atmosphere, it is essential to know how to arrange your decoration. Learning how to accommodate Feng Shui is the first thing to do to have a free mind. So with this statue of the Divine Tiger in your home, you will allow the positive waves to flow freely in and out of your home. This sculpture is an excellent Zen decoration to pair with other soothing representations, such as a buddha figurine, for example. Generally speaking, religious statues are known to confer a particular power, even more so if you sprinkle your home with incense.

Here, we are far from a gothic representation of the dragon or the lion. Its particularity lies in its unique motif, which was painted on shields at the time to frighten off assailants.

The perfect modeling of this tiger statue has a lot to offer you if you deserve it. Please place it in a room where you work a lot to stay calm even in the most challenging moments. It's a step towards divinity to acquire an unfailing concentration!



Empire welcomes you to the world of tomorrow with our futuristic statue. The Bionic Tiger is the bloodiest animal that science has created. The codes of modern art greatly inspire this statue to offer a unique silver visual. In a world where technology is constantly evolving, it is essential to have the latest decorative creations in your possession.

Its metal alloy frame gives it a modern design worthy of the greatest science fiction movies. Make a place for this Tiger statue in your home decor and watch the bionic feline roar every day. You'll adopt a warrior's mindset thanks to this statue erected as a tribute to the entire art history.



In the wilderness, as in the Empire, there can only be one King. The Tiger is the King of the jungle, the Emperor of the Chinese dynasty, the Prince of the animal kingdom. This statue is a testament to his superiority and strength of character to stay on top of the world. Be inspired by this great beast to accomplish memorable things.

The representations of the Tiger have the power to change the character and philosophy of life of their masters irrevocably. So it stands to reason that this piece is reserved for the most determined among you, those who wish to become the best. Thanks to its relatively small size, this miniature bronze sculpture is easily transportable.

It could well become your most valuable new good luck charm. After many years of hard work, you will finally be able to contemplate your success, just like this statue.



At the third place of this top, we find a statue quite different from those we presented previously. The Little Devil Tiger is a real nugget, unique in its kind, which will please the youngest and the oldest. The cunning of this little beast is matched only by its cuteness. The reliefs of this statue are incredibly worked to give it an authentic "stone statue" effect!

This wooden statue will give your interior decoration a touch of originality straight from Asia. Its necklace with Japanese writing tells us a little more about its origins.

You, too, can get to know this little Tiger and learn a little more about Asian culture. It will bring you all the power of art deco and instantly bring back your childhood soul. For all these reasons, this sculpture fully deserves its 3rd place in our top!



In the second place, we find the very definition of elegance. This majestic Tiger statue expresses the wise and thoughtful spirit of the big cat. Its length reaches almost 30cm, making it a superb decoration to place on top of a piece of furniture to embellish it. As an ornament, this resin statue will be the centerpiece of your home. The stature of the feline inspires the most profound respect; the great tiger seems to be unflappable.

The finish of this sculpture is perfect, without a single snag or even a single scratch. A light paint coat gives it a charm worthy of the highest Buddhist temples.

As you may have guessed, this statue is intended for the calmest of minds. Madness and anger have no place in the Tiger Empire, which is why it occupies the 2nd step of the podium.



We finish with our masterpiece, a statue that, in addition to being beautiful, also hides a great story. The Tiger of the Burning Rocks is the main character of an old Indian tale. In this story, the beast sees his entire family being decimated before his eyes. Following this, the people responsible for this massacre capture him to torture him to death. The young Tiger resists so much to the various tortures that his aggressors start to get tired of him. They then decide to finish him off by throwing him into the flames of the great volcano.

Following this ultimate act of barbarity, the torturers all died due to the attack of a Tiger. One finds their bodies traces of burns as if the Tiger which had attacked them was on fire. Following this event, many sculptures and artistic representations were born, of which this statue of the Tiger of the Burning Rocks. The legend even tells that the latter would still be alive and protect all the people worshiping him.

This gold-plated statue is a beautiful way to pay tribute to this special Tiger. Moreover, it is a tremendous decorative element to incorporate into your environment. Admire and be inspired by the courage of this supernatural beast; it may well protect you when you need it most. A man must always have a deep respect for things beyond him. For this adage, much more than for its perfect beauty, we decided to place this Tiger statue in the first position!

In short, tiger statues are a sign of absolute power. It is not for nothing that Napoleon himself fell utterly in love with them at the end of his reign. The great sculptor Auguste Rodin even said that they were a real foundation for existence. The tombs of the greatest emperors are full of them because the Tiger statues offer a beautiful decoration to the test of time.

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