Soft Bengal Tiger Blanket


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This warm and Soft Bengal Tiger Blanket is decorated with a majestuous tiger on painted nature background.

It’s the perfect addition to any bedroom or living room and will keep you cozy all winter long. You can use it as an extra layer of warmth in your bed or wrap yourself up in it while watching TV. It’s also great for picnics, camping trips!

Wherever you go this year, make sure to take your Bengal Tiger Blanket along with you so that no matter where life takes you – there’s always something comfortable waiting for you at home.

The best part about our blankets is that they come in four different sizes. So whether we want to cuddle up under one together during movie night or just need some extra warmth when we sleep alone – everyone gets their own personalized fit! And because these are made from 100% polyester microfiber fabric instead of cotton-like other blankets out there - they won't pill after washing them over and over again as those old ones do!

SOFT AND RESISTANT MICROFIBER FABRIC- The microfiber fabric is a high-quality material, resistant to dirt and stains. Our blankets are made of 100% polyester.

3D HIGH DEFINITION PRINTED - We use the most advanced technology in the world for printing on fabrics. Each blanket is printed with a special ink that allows us to print each thread of our design individually. This makes our designs more vivid and colorful than any other printed products you can find in the market!

COLD WASH FOR DURABILITY - To ensure durability, we recommend washing your blanket at 30 degrees Celsius maximum (86 Fahrenheit). Use only liquid detergents without bleach or softener