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Introducing the Tiger Predator Pendant - a stunning piece of jewelry that combines the grace and power of the tiger with the precision of 3D stainless steel craftsmanship.

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this pendant is not only visually striking but also built to last. Stainless steel is known for its durability and resistance to tarnish, ensuring that your pendant will retain its luster for years to come.

The drop design of this pendant showcases careful and precise details that capture the essence of the tiger's majestic presence. From the intricately carved fur to the fierce expression, every aspect of this pendant is a testament to fine craftsmanship.

The pendant comes with a 30cm chain that allows you to wear it at the perfect length to complement your style. At just 21.6g, it's lightweight and comfortable to wear all day without any form of discomfort on your skin.

Whether you're a wildlife enthusiast, a fashion-forward individual, or someone looking for a meaningful gift, the Tiger Predator Pendant is a statement piece that embodies strength and elegance. Wear it proudly and let the spirit of the tiger accompany you on your journey. Elevate your style with this exquisite 3D stainless steel pendant today.

This pendant will help you find the resources to resist the onslaught of fate!

  • Stainless Pendant: Stainless steel
  • Drop design: Careful and precise details
  • Chain size: 50cm
  • Weight: 21,6g
  • Comfortable: No form of discomfort on your skin

tiger universe donation wwf banner
tiger universe donation wwf banner

Join us in our mission to help ensure a future for these incredible animals!

At Tiger-Universe, we're passionate about tigers and their conservation.

That's why we donate a portion of our profits to the World Wildlife Fund, an organization dedicated to protecting these magnificent creatures and their habitats.

Every time you shop with us, you're making a difference by supporting a cause that's close to our hearts.