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The Fire Tiger in Chinese zodiac

May 28, 2021 5 min read

The Fire Tiger in Chinese zodiac

In Chinese astrology, each year sees the birth of a new animal with a very particular personality. If you are here, it's because you want to learn more about the Fire Tiger, and perhaps, get to know yourself better.

The year of the Fire Tiger is only every 60 years, so it is a chance and even a privilege to be born at the same time. This beast offers excellent strength of character and many qualities to its followers. To better understand the importance of knowing this symbol, we have divided this article into two distinct parts. The first part deals with the history of the Fire Tiger, while the second part presents its characteristics.

After reading these writings, a whole area of Chinese astrology will no longer hold any secrets for you. This ancient science is full of mysteries that deserve to be known by the greatest number of people, so follow us!

If you are unfamiliar with Chinese astrology, we strongly invite you to read our complete article about the influence of the Tiger in China!

The origin of the Fire Tiger in Chinese astrology


First of all, the last year of the Fire Tiger took place in 1986. Knowing that it takes place every 60 years means that the next one will take place in 2046!

This particular animal is at the 3rd position in the Chinese sexagesimal cycle, making it the 3rd creature born in China. In this way, we understand better why it occupies such an important place in the Asian culture and myths.

But why fire and not another element?

It is straightforward, for the Chinese, the universe's existence depends on the assembly of the five primary elements. Contrary to the theory of the four elements, which includes fire, water, air, and earth, here the five elements are fire, water, wood, metal, and dirt. This division of the world into five forces gave life to the Fire-Tiger.

Moreover, as you may have guessed, this same phenomenon explains the 60-year cycle between animals. If you take the 12 animals of the Chinese calendar and multiply this number by the five elements, you will find 60 animals that are pretty distinct from each other.

Therefore, the Fire Tiger is a beast belonging to a large group of Chinese astrology!

After this little cultural point, you now know much more than most people about this legendary creature. In this second part, we will present to you its meaning and characteristics!


The character traits of the Big Cat

1) The qualities of the Fire Tiger


 First of all, Fire Tigers are true lovers of action and cannot go more than a few minutes without having something to do. This particularity makes them interested in many different subjects, from sports to reading, and even the most complex sciences.

As you can see, these people have a thirst for knowledge, which makes them highly cultured. In addition to this, they are endowed with unfailing optimism, giving off an aura of well-being to those around them.

The Fire Tiger also knows how to be generous with the people who are important to them. If you belong to their closest circle, they will show their full attention to you, even more so if you do him a favor, as he is very grateful to the people who have helped him get to where he is today.


 As said before, Fire Tigers love to expand their knowledge. This tends to make them excellent public speakers, making them very popular in any setting. People of this sign are not afraid of failure, as they know very well that they learn the most by failing. Thanks to this, they quickly accumulate experience compared to other people who are afraid to fail.

With seriousness and boldness, these people always manage to get back up, even after dismal failures. When they commit to a project, Fire Tigers do so out of passion, not money. It's that little flame that lives deep inside them that drives them to work for a better world!

Someone born in the year of the Fire Tiger is a great person. On the other hand, his personality is made up of positive points, far from it!

2) The flaws of the fiery tiger


 Indeed, the Fire Tiger loves his work so much that it is not rare to see him investing more than he should in his projects. He will leave his family and his social life behind to achieve his goals. He never does this voluntarily, and you should not hesitate to make him think about it so that he can adjust his priorities!

On top of that, this excessive amount of work can also hurt his health. The Fire Tiger is more prone to stress than other people, thus creating many addictions, such as alcohol, tobacco, or junk food.

For these people with a strong character, love is not a priority far from it. They perceive it as a waste of time rather than a beneficial contribution to their oral health. As a result, this feeling of loneliness begins to eat away at them from the inside without them even realizing it. Even though this personality trait is not unique to all Fire Tigers, do your best to change it, and you will see your happiness increase drastically.

Finally, you may have guessed it, but work occupies a central place in the lives of these people. In this way, it is not uncommon to see them develop bad habits in their lives. It is the case of the lack of sleep or the total absence of sport which are inherent characteristics of their life. The Fire Tigers know very well that they must review their lifestyle, but this may require a change too radical for some of them.

In summary


 The Fire Tiger occupies a great place in the hearts of Chinese astrology lovers. If you have read this article carefully, the animal should hold no secrets foryou!

From its origin to its meaning, the study of this symbol is an exciting thing for anyone who wants to open his mind to a new culture. Many people still ignore the theory of the five elements and the strength of the Chinese calendar. With this article, you will enlighten people on this subject with your wise eye.

Besides, if you are a Fire Tiger yourself, then you must have recognized yourself in this description. This animal offers an exceptional character to people born in 1986. Love for work and positivity are the two things that best characterize the unique personality of these tigers!

Finally, if you want to pay tribute to your pet, then maybe it's time to opt for one of our Fire Tiger T-shirts. With this outfit on your back, the power and joy of the big fiery cat will follow you wherever you go!


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