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The Water Tiger in Chinese zodiac

May 28, 2021 5 min read

The Water Tiger in Chinese zodiac

Chinese astrology is a universe full of myths and mysteries of all kinds. Among the 60 animals that compose it, we find, of course, the Water-Tiger. This majestic beast with multiple facets will soon be celebrated worldwide.

Indeed, 2022 will be the year of the Tiger and, more particularly, the year of the Water-Tiger. Therefore, it is imperative to know the origin and the symbols of the animal if you do not want to look like an uneducated person on D-day!

Generally speaking, whether you believe in this Chinese tradition or not, it is always interesting to understand the mechanisms of this thousand-year-old culture.

At the end of this article, you will be a real expert on the Water Tiger, and Chinese astrology will be much less foreign to you. We know how complex this subject can seem, but when you spend even a few minutes on it, everything becomes much clearer!

So follow us, because there is an excellent chance that you will discover a new image of yourself!

The origin of the Water Tiger in Chinese astrology


 As we said in this short introduction, Chinese astrology is not as complex as one might think at first glance.

First of all, it is essential to know that the Chinese calendar is divided into several cycles of 60 years each. Westerners mistakenly think that each process has 12 years of the 12 animals of the same calendar. However, it is essential not to forget that the Chinese give great importance to the theory of the five elements in addition to the sacred animals.

Their vision of the world describes the entirety of existing phenomena resulting from exchanges between the five primary materials. These are fire, earth, metal, wood, and of course water!


 But what do the elements have to do with the Chinese calendar?

Well, it is straightforward to understand. Year of the Tiger repeats itself every 12 years, but despite that, it is not the same Tiger that comes back every 12 years. In fact, in our case, the year of the Water Tiger took place in 1962 for the last time, while it will only be repeated in 2022.

In this way, you understand that each animal on the calendar is divided into five distinct elements. You have to multiply the five elements by the 12 sacred animals to realize the Chinese sexagesimal cycle!

The Water Tiger has its origin in this Chinese tradition. Knowing that only people born in 1962 are of this sign, one realizes the enormous luck they have.

But how does this mythical animal influence the lives of its followers?

That's what we're going to see right now, but before that, you can check out our free article on the Chinese Tiger to broaden your culture!

The symbolism behind the Ocean Tiger

1) The character of the Water Tiger


 Water Tigers have a very calm and thoughtful character, like an ocean without waves. People of this sign are very cautious about events and opportunities. It is, therefore, tough to fool them without being found out!

Whether it's in a professional or personal capacity, Water Tigers have almost limitless ambition. This trait allows them to hold high positions and be true leaders in the workplace. Thanks to this endless enthusiasm, many opportunities for career advancement are available to them. For this endearing character, their superiors and spiritual leaders adore them.

If you find yourself in this description, it is perhaps the moment to fully assume your qualities. This unisex Water-Tiger T-shirt will show your love for the big cat!


 In family life, the Water Tiger likes to help his loved ones accomplish their projects. They also don't mind being helped in return to achieve their own goals. Generally speaking, people of this sign love to learn throughout their lives, no matter what age or status they hold!

If anything can characterize Water Tigers, it is the love they express for the new. Indeed, it is a real pleasure for them to discover new things constantly. More generally, if they decide to act in a specific field, it is above all by passion and not to get rich.

But would these individuals and their zodiac animals be spared of any defect? This is what we will see!

2) The recurring defects in these people


 As you might expect, there is no such thing as perfection. Despite their tremendous character and calmness, Water Tigers are far too emotional. This is not a bad thing in itself, but they often act on emotion, leading them to make impulsive and therefore unreasonable decisions.

In addition to this personality trait that can lead them to make irrational choices, they also have a problem with their self-esteem. Indeed, the Water Tiger is a person who often thinks too highly of himself, leading him to overestimate his abilities.

This is a real problem because it can make them appear arrogant and pretentious to the people they meet. Although this is not necessarily the case for all Water Tigers, there is a rather blatant excess of pride among individuals of this element. Because of this, they have the most severe difficulty in the world to recognize and accept their mistakes. It is as if their will always to do the right thing was enough to ensure that they never make a single mistake.

All the weaknesses we have mentioned above can easily be changed by being aware of them. So if you are a Water Tiger yourself, see if you don't act like one, and if someone around you is one, then make him/her aware of it. They will know how to welcome it with great benevolence; believe us!

On the other hand, if this animal can bring serious problems, it is with money. The Water Tigers give it a shallow place and therefore tend to waste it in everything and anything. Money is not everything for them, that's a good thing, but they must learn to save their money if they don't want to live on the edge all the time!

In summary


 In the end, the Water Tiger is an animal that is much richer in meaning than one might think at first glance. Chinese mythology is still full of secrets that you don't even know about!

If we now know the place of this mythical animal in traditional astrology, we also see its influence on people. And in particular, their character and their way of apprehending the world around them. It is a very Yang-oriented personality full of abundance from the Water-Tiger.

However, the qualities offered by the power of the zodiac are nonetheless offset by some flaws. Even if most of them are pretty anecdotal, money management is a significant problem that needs to be changed as soon as possible.

Finally, if you were born in 1962, you can start buying things helpful, like this Water-Tiger Case. It will show everyone that you are a member of the Ocean Tigerclan, an actual class act!


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