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The Wood Tiger in Chinese Zodiac

May 28, 2021 5 min read

The Wood Tiger in Chinese Zodiac

Chinese astrology has a direct influence on human behavior and personality. If you are here, it's because you want to learn more about the history and the meaning behind the Wooden Tiger!

It is pretty noble to want to enrich your knowledge by opening your mind to the symbols of Chinese culture. Indeed, each animal of Chinese astrology is declined in 5 distinct forms, representing in this way the five elementary matters of the world. Among these, we find fire, earth, water, metal, and of course, wood.

It is on this last element that we will focus on in this article. Because even if Asian animals are well known in Western countries, their embodies are still too little promoted to the general public.

So don't miss this unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and learn to analyze the influence of the stars on our behavior. The Wood Tiger is full of secrets and mysteries of all kinds that we will reveal to you without any filter. We assure you, this animal has much more to teach you than you imagine!

The origin of the Wooden Tiger in Chinese astrology


 As you can imagine, the Tiger occupies a central place in the research of astrologers. The great beast is the subject of many studies that aim to find out where it comes from in Chinese mythology.

According to experts, its presence in large numbers in Asian forests has contributed enormously to its popularity in the writings. So, its imposing physique and its ability to become invisible thanks to its camouflage allowed it to be part of the 12 animals of the Chinese calendar.

Very well, but how is it that the symbol of the Wooden Tiger came into being? And how does it continue to influence behavior today?

Chinese tradition holds that the existence of the entire universe results from the association of the five elements with the living world. Thus, these five elements perfectly describe all the natural phenomena surrounding us, from the flow of the rivers to the resistance and solidity of the tree.

This is why the 12 sacred animals have all been appropriated each of these five elements, serving to transcribe the temperament of men. The year of the Wood Tiger occurs every 60 years and represents the 51st year of the Chinese sexagesimal cycle.

Thus, if you were born in 1974 or in 1914 (you never know!), then you are, as the tradition wants, a Wooden Tiger!

By the way, we invite you to look at our article about the relationship between the Tiger and China if you want to deepen your knowledge!

Meanings and characteristics of the animal

1) The personality of the Wooden Tiger


 It's nice to be a Wood Tiger, but what does it mean in concrete terms?

According to the stars, Wooden Tigers are friendly and very pleasant people. They bring happiness and cheerfulness to those around them with a lot of little attention.

However, unlike the other elements, these Tigers tend to be less self-reliant and therefore need others to be happy. This translates into a particular efficiency and ease of working in a team for these people. Sociability is a specific characteristic of this element, which is also found in many other animals.

The ability to adapt to situations of people of this sign is remarkable. Thus, the Wood Tiger knows how to joke and tease its loved ones when necessary, but it also knows how to tell the truth and be honest at the right time. This accuracy and sense of timing are the most striking element for us!

2) A determination at work


 Whether in everyday life or at work, the Tiger's enthusiasm does not diminish. Determination and audacity are the keywords of these people who will do everything possible to accomplish their projects. For if the Wood Tiger is convinced of one thing, nothing is impossible for him!

Thus, it is unthinkable to see him give up because he will always show original ideas to take up the new challenges that await him. And even if he is at the top and everything is going well, he will not hesitate to take risks to spice up his life and give it real meaning.

He is a leader at heart who treats the people he works with care and the utmost respect. Because let's not forgotten, even if the Wood Tiger loves his freedom, he needs others to feel recognized at his real value.

Besides, if you want to prove to your colleagues that you have a winning mentality, this Wood-Tiger Case is made for you!


 3) The negative points of the tree cat


It would be beautiful if this symbol offered only positive character traits, forgetting the flaws. Unfortunately, in life, things all balance each other out.

This is why the Wood Tiger, although he is very bold, is a very impulsive person who does not leave enough room for reflection. This often plays terrible tricks on him because he puts himself in dangerous situations that he could have avoided by sitting back for 5 minutes. The spirit of the great adventurer is perhaps too present in his personality.

On top of that, he tends to easily distract himself from his real primary goals by constantly starting new projects. This can become completely unbearable if he doesn't have the strength to contribute to each of his missions fully.

This trait shows a potent but indecisive will to get things done. Thus, the Wood Tiger can readily regret when thinking back on some past decisions he might have made.

In summary


In the end, the Wood Tiger is a virtuous animal of the Chinese zodiac that possesses several qualities.

It originates from the old Chinese traditions, which offer a vision of the world divided into five primary elements. Wood is the wisest and the most upright of them, like a tree that does not move a hair against the ravages of time. The year 1974 is, therefore, a significant year in the Chinese calendar that saw the birth of people with great character and values.

If you were born this year, you could only recognize yourself in the description made of you. Because even if life has not been kind, you know that deep inside you lies that impulse of generosity and audacity that characterizes you so much. Do not give up because your ideas have the merit of being heard by all.

Finally, the best way to pay tribute to your sign is to get this magnificent Wooden Tiger Poster. Thanks to it, the wild beast of the forest will watch over your house as well as you!


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